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Economic Collapse & Alternative Sustainability

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Many people believe that a total economic collapse is imminent that the current world economy cannot sustain itself because it is built on lies and deception That we have created a system based on money, debt, greed, corruption and forced scarcity for the sake of profits Several videos reveal the manipulation of facts and information by many governments through their mass media controlled by the miniscule elite Recognizing this deception is the first step in stimulating our search for truth Lots of people devote themselves to an inner quest following certain disciplines and achieving a form of enlightenment they are freed from limiting beliefs allowing them to be more creative joyful and immensely peaceful They live their passion in pursuit of their vision Yet despite our dreams for a peaceful future the world is apparently becoming more chaotic Why does this happen? Because obstacles are necessary tests to help us clarify our vision Many are concerned by the NWO sought by the ruling elite behind most governments It is unacceptable to submit to the control of any authority by human microchipping martial law or other means of mass manipulation Be aware however that the chaos created by the elite is necessary to stimulate our collective awakening which is propagating with astonishing speed We are living in crucial times in a process of transition toward a new way of living and relating to one another The crumbling of old paradigms is essential for the necessary renovation so that all sentient beings and mother earth can become joyful and peaceful This will unleash an extraordinary creativity that will make our spaceship "gaya" a place even more privileged within our neighbouring universe We have the power to create a better world for ourselves and others simply by shifting our perspective We have chosen to come onto this planet to live through this transition Our planet is being observed by other civilizations within our universe to learn how we will accomplish this task. We already have feasible options for the current crisis that humanity is living If enough people are aware of their true options and are ready to declare their intention to change their lifestyles then the world will change How can we do this? By taking back our power. Creating a different New World Order Based on co-operation, not competition for the sharing of all resources Most of the problems in this world revolve around the monetary system It encourages a materialistic way of thinking which replaces true personal connections It discourages scientific advancements for unlimited free energy because that is not profitable It squashes alternative medical cures to support the profit of drug companies Profit seeking breeds waste through planned obsolescence making inferior products in order to pad the pockets of ruthless corporations Our world is abundant with resources We have enough food, water, arable land and free energy sources such as sunshine, wind and geothermal energy for every person on this planet to live a healthy, peaceful and productive lifestyle We have already harnessed the technology to eliminate the need for jobs that require long hours of hard labour for a paycheck that dwindles into nothing The collapse of the monetary system is a necessary step, to bring birth to a new humanity on earth We can demand a change from our current state of affairs by substituting the existing monetary system with a global resource based economy How would this work? All planetary resources can be efficiently administered, according to the most advanced technology currently available To do this, we must have world co-ordination by a form of government of an eminently scientific nature NOT political... It would be based on computerized information networks and robotics using a technology that, up to this date has been concealed by those who still persist in exploiting the ignorance of the majority for their own egotistical ends The results of this new world order will be the continuous expansion of collective well-being In this new world, there is no money god debt....enslavement forced barter, nor anything that limits our total enjoyment of an abundant life This abundance is now technically possible without polluting the environment depleting our natural resources or the need for drastic reduction of the current world population via deliberately induced wars catastrophes or massive epidemics This world government will not have soldiers jails, or anything that represses individual freedom because it would provide adequate housing health care, education and entertainment without a price tag Since the drive for profit and competition are non existent in a moneyless society inventions would become instantly available through a computerized network of knowledge accessible to all Instead of having many brands of the same products people would come together to develop the best products that technology can offer All resources would then be optimized reducing waste through machines that will free us from all tedious and mundane tasks This new way of living would allow us to achieve our highest potential worldwide in a state of peace, celebration and collective joy that some are already beginning to envision as portrayed by books like "Paradise on Lady Gaia" This is not mere fiction but an authentic possibility as has been proposed by the Venus Project If you wish to become involved in the pursuit of this vision or would like further information please check out and contribute your own ideas Let's make it happen. Everyone can do something in their own unique way to move our planet into the beautiful paradise it was meant to be May we all come together and be one in this new awareness Namaste

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Posted by: vortex11 on Jun 19, 2010

A Zeitgeist Movement & Venus Project promo with a spititual leaning.

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