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In this last module for test and deploy, we discuss best-practices for documentation and testing. We started by talking about test and test types. There are many types of testing that you should consider in your deployment planning. Each of these can be done either casually or very formally with a well-documented process to follow. Some different test types are Unit testing. This is the smallest measure of testing. You're testing a single item as you build it. There’s Quality Assurance testing, which may have a detailed plan to follow. There's Integration testing that we should be checking when we're bringing in a different system. And then, User Acceptance testing, which is performed by the users of the system and is to confirm the system we built is the system they need. There are several different considerations when it comes to building test plans. We have security configurations; are all of our personas that we're building for also being tested for? Are we building in some dependencies, such as child records that we may need to be using to populate lookups? Are we solution-aware in what it is that we are working on? We've finished this lesson by building out a test plan and taking into consideration each of these items we discussed. We went through some additional considerations talking about Easy Repro, which is a tool that allows you some user integration testing. We talked about performance considerations, and we did a hands-on activity by creating a user acceptance plan. [00:01:45] And then, we took a quick look at the importance of documentation with a discussion around why documentation is important and what types of documentation you can expect on your projects. Afterwards, we talked about user adoptions testing.

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