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narcotraficante # 82

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I am so pissed off about you!!! And when i get to see you i`ll hit your face you faggot!!! -but i didn`t do that :(-- So then show up before the prosecutor, they are pointing at you Alvaro Uribe, person of paused words and measured of character, is one of the most controversial presidents of Latin america with a total pro-USA politic, very close to the Bush administration, has taken the war against FARC guerrillas as the flag of the fight but there are serious allegations on his behalf, wich have left in big doubt his authentical purposes his relations with the paramilitars As gobernor of Antioquia, has promoted the "CONVIVIR" project, wich is no other thing than a communitary militia that were mainly runned by paramilitars this death squads legalized by CONVIVIR, were used by narcotraficants for their own security, being directly responsibles of massacres and killings of thousands of peasants that were found on ground graves Uribe has declared that he never had links to paramilitars eventhought a polemic video given to the U.S. secretary, shows his links with the paramilitars in the video, Uribe can be seen when he was still a presidential candidate talking with the very famous commander "Esteban" acused of 80 homicides and 10 massacres His relations with the media: in Uribe`s second presidential campaign, his head of campaign was Juan Manuel Santos Calderon actual defense minister and member of the opulent family Santos owners of the SER group wich between numerous communication media, belongs the diary "El Tiempo" of Bogota DC, in wich his own brother Enrique Santos Calderon is the director actually this relation has permited to Uribe to have a hight popularity index as president and have the media control of the main dairy of Bogotà His right hand-man: the ceased Juan Moreno Villa, the head of his first electoral campaign Is the owner of GMP chemical products, considered by the U.S.custom services, as the biggest importer of Potassium thermoganate, precursor to employ on the cocain As director of the Civil Aviation: On 1980, Alvaro Uribe has occupied the chief direction of the Civil Aviation, out of his management, numerous given licenses are counted, as well as permissions to build landing runaways specially for narcotrafficants About this issue, Virginia Vallejo, former lover of Pablo Escobar tells on her book : "If it wasn`t because of this blessing boy, we`d still be bringing the coca paste in tires, swimming to Miami to deliver the merchandise to U.S.A Narcotrafficant # 82: On September 1991, the U.S. Defense Department reported an inform on 104 offenders related to colombian traffic between the hundred, he is highlighted as # 82, "Alvaro Uribe, colombian politic and senator dedicated to the colaboration with the Medellin Cartels, on the highest government levels Uribe got vinculated to a trading-bussiness involved on narcotics in the USA Uribe has worked for the Medellin Cartel and has been close friend with Pablo Escobar "Hating Pablo", another blow to the credibility of Uribe`s administration was the publication of the book "Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar" written by Virginia Vallejo former lover of Pablo Escobar in wich is detailed the stretch relation between Uribe and Pablo Escobar Other allegations: Serious allegations about the funding of his campaign by count of Fabio Ochoa Vasco one of the most wanted extraditables of the planet, has left another clowd of doubts to this, has joined the resignation of Jorge Aurelio Noguera, who worked for Uribe`s campaign and then appointed as chief of the DAS, Administrative Security Department position wich he had to resig for being alleged of using the intelligence organism to favor groups of defense- paramilitar and narcotrafficants Finally we find in his work team to Jose Obdulio Gaviria, presidential adviser, close friend and cousin of Pablo escobar Conclusion: None of this facts have ever been carefully investigated, nor will be untill a new administration arrives in Colombia The president Uribe has given vague answers about the issue tacitly rejecting any implication but without giving any other explanation The United States by their part, have completely ignored about the very wide historial that involves the president Uribe in grave delictive facts, the North American silence and the unconditional support from Bush to Uribe, let us a glimpse of a dark alliance between both administrations eventhought curiously, it`s been the North American media whom have investigated and reported all this irregularities "All included data in this documentary have been taken from the next sources": "Numerous sources have been omited, like Indymedia, Narconews, and others of political character to not not affect the credibility of the documentary". This video is an open source, you have all the right to spread it. Alvaro Uribe Velez Saint or demon?

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Colombian president

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