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Inner Engineering Introduction

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Yoga means just the technology it is not a teaching, it is not a philosophy it is not a belief system, it is just a method of creating the right kind of climate once a person is peaceful and happy by his own nature only then life begins just look back on your lives and see the most beautiful moments in your life were those moments when you were expressing your happiness not when you are seeking happiness, isn't it so in pursuit of happiness you might have done big things as an expression of happiness you might have done little things but those little things have always been the most beautiful moments, isn't it so now shifting life from pursuit of happiness to expression of happiness only when that happens human intelligence flowers only then a human being's true potential comes out so the process of yoga and meditation is just this so that to make life into an expression of joy not in pursuit of happiness cause once you're in pursuit you're in conflict with the rest of the existence in so many different ways all this pursue and pursuit of happiness has come at a tremendous cost at an enormous cost to every other creature on the planet, isn't it Yes.. for our comforts you know how we have tortured every creature from a plant, to an insect, to a worm to everything isn't it so we have brought enormous suffering not just to those creatures, to the very planet And still we are not anywhere closer to happiness then what we were thousand years ago our pursuit of hapiness is going in such a way that the very life of the planet is being threatened yes but still we are not happy see if you're ecstatic, you have a right to make bonfire out of this planet when you are not even happy you have no business, isn't it now, does it end with happiness no see, just look at your self and see whatever you may be right now always you are longing to be a little more than what you're right now isn't it if you know love, you want little more love if you know knowledge, you want little more knowledge if you know money, little more money whatever you know, you are trying to become little more always please see its not because you're unhappy if you are happy, its all the more so so there is something in you which is always seeking to expand do you see this wherever you may be in your life, it is seeking to become little more if you give it that little more, it will ask for little more do you see this process happening with you, within you so lets address this issue for good how much expansion do you really want this much will do i am not talking in body how much expansion will do there is no limit, so do you want to expand in an unlimited way you want to become infinite please see this now, you have realised human life can never be complete with survival that you have understood more than subtantially you have understood that human life cannot end with survival survival is not fulfilling enough something else is needed and when we looked at this, you said, you are seeking the infinite if you are seeking the infinite what instruments do you have to seek the infinite only sense organs, isn't it so through your sense organs if you are seeking the infinite it is like wanting to go to the moon with a bullock cart isn't it so that is plight of humanity right now with the limited perception they're trying to grasp that which is beyond struggling when it doesn't happen they just believe something whatever is culturally convenient just believe that and believes have not settled people all kinds of beliefs we have has it really settled people no, isn't it but somewhere we are not sincere enough to admit I do not know if you destroy 'I do not know' within yourself the possibility of knowing you have also destroyed isn't it so 'I do not know' is a tremendous possibility only when a person sees I do not know the longing to know arises its so human of you, so wonderful of you to see that I do not know, isn't it isn't it so please see whenever you are I do not know you're child like and beautiful whenever you are I know, you turn ugly yes in I know, human beings can become mean in I so not know they are very child like and wonderful the very beautiful thing about a child is he's always I do not know isn't it yes he is constantly drinking in life because he is a big I do not know now you think you know you see the ocean, what is there H2O isn't it life is just draining out of people just look at the level of aliveness when you were five years of age, how alive you were today how alive you are has it gone up or come down has it gone up or come down its come down see with age aliveness need not come down, is't it with age our physical capabilities may come down but our aliveness need not come down if you're hundred you can be as a just born child, isn't it if your aliveness is coming down, what does it mean you are once again committing suicide in instalments you do everything in instalments slowly people are becoming less and less alive the more and more conclusions you make about life the less and less alive you are becoming why can't we be sincere enough to see what I know, I know what I do not know , I do not know its a wonderful way to exist, isn't it don't try to turn divine learn to be human its very important if you forget your humanity divinity will become out of reach right now people in the name of divinity have lost their humanity see right now karma theory somebody has somebody thinks its all divine play here somebody is hungry on the street right now you think its all divine play with this you have not gotten any closer to divinity it is just that you have forsaken your humanity, isn't it so yes yes or no, its all that has happened, isn't it if you overflow with your humanity divinity becomes a possibility if you reduce, lower your humanity divinity will also become out of reach by becoming less human, nobody will become divine but that's all that is happening with the belief system when you believe, this is all God's will OK all the suffering, killing, this and that, all the mess in the world is all God's will when you believe, you become inhuman, isn't it what is naturally innate within you, you are killing it, isn't it so otherwise every human being wherever he sees something, there is something in you which just responds, its not asking for your permission, isn't it the humanity in you is not seeking your permission to respond it is responding to every situation it sees isn't it so yes we are trying to kill it with philosophies and belie systems, no if you lower your humanity, you will deny yourself divinity also see your ability to do things in the world is it enhanced when you are happy or when you are unhappy right now on a certain day you're very happy on that day does your body and mind function more effortlessly or on an unhappy day everything is low isn't it you understand that so right now if you want to go far in your life its not because you want to go, you will go the question is are you capable of going or not isn't it everybody on the street wants to go all the way how many people actually go only those who are capable go, isn't it so you think, the man who is selling peanuts outside on the street does't want to own Bombay you think he does't want to he wants to but does he gets to see its a question of capability, isn't it so you don't go far because you want to you go far because you have made yourself capable isn't it your abilities, whatever see when it comes to capability, no two individuals are made the same way each one of us are capable in different ways so one person may not be capable in another way the only thing as a human being, you can do is you function to your full potential in your life means you are a very fortunate being if you manage to function to your full potential you are a very fortunate being because when you function at your full potential you will always be blissful

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 "As we have physical science to create external well-being there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well being. I call it Inner Engineering." - Sadhguru

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