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Comment voit l'éveillé - 5mn

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It is the result of inner work. We call it warm-hearted acceptance. It is not loving, as you say, it is more warm-hearted acceptance. It comes along with a feeling which is a good feeling, even when facing negative things. Afterwards, you can do, you can act still but not in the same way as before. Before, when it irritated you, you even wanted to put it right, and most people who want to make others and the world right do so from negative emotions or negative traits, so they do so with good reasons, with all kinds of justifications, and above all with good reasons, great reasons. But wanting to make others and the world right from an inner state which is not warm-hearted acceptance always leads to worse evils or they simply reinforce unpleasant and negative things outside. That is how trouble is maintained, with all those people who want to reform the world and others. Except when they are in an inner state of warm-heartedness acceptance. And that is the type of experiment you have made now and that you can make and make again. And tomorrow morning, maybe, you will have forgotten it, and there, you will have to recall that that is possible. That is one aspect, and the state which you are describing cearly is that of an awakened being. He sees the world that way, and he sees the world by really seeing it. You, you know that there is a cup here, or a bell there, or a teapot there. You know, but you do not see them. And you do not enjoy them. When you are in the state which you described earlier, or when you are in an awakened state, you see the bell, you see the cup, and you enjoy everything. You are in that warm-hearted, and joyful, and serene, and clear acceptance of everything. That is why there is no need for something more. Do you understand? There is no need for something more, everything is there already. And it is just fine exactly as it is. And from that state, you can let people an things evolve, but from that state of warm-hearted acceptance of everything as it is. That does not mean that those things which are negative, evil, bad unfair, messy, chaotic, that does not mean they are ok. No, they are seen exactly as they are and from a state of warm-hearted acceptance. And according to the circumstances, you make the decision, enthusiastically, - joy turns into enthusiasm - and with a clear mind, to change things when it is possible or when it is necessary. But most of the time, you juste shut up: because it is not necessary, it is not useful. Let people live their lives! Except for those who ask. Those who ask for something, you answer them. Except, of course, in an organization where you have taken a responsibility. But within the framework of that responsibility you do not become negative because other people do not respect either the organization or the responsabilities you have. With the very same enthusiasm, clearness, benevolence, you make sure that things or beings are bieng respected. According to your responsibility. Which means that you are neither resigning nor letting go, when you have a responsibility and when you are within a structure. But you have to find the way, from that warm-hearted acceptance, even for those who do not respect anything, with warm-hearted acceptance, you find the way to act.

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