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Repórter Brasil

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Globalization is warming up the translation market Last year, the industry circulated more than 40 billion reais worldwide with a 55% increase compared to last year. With major events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, it is expected that the turnover in the translation industry in the country will triple by the year 2015. This office in Rio de Janeiro translates into eight languages. It specializes in oil, technology and the Internet. From here, a group of managers coordinates the work of 50 freelancers. 90% of the clients are foreign companies from the U.S., Germany, Italy, Japan... And in times of presalt oil extraction, World Cup and the Olympics There is some big business ahead! There are demands for project management There are demands for so-called DTP professionals desktop publishing, editing of materials, such as manuals books, after translation There is also demand for technical professionals, such as engineers who give full technical support to these operations There is considerable demand in many areas. With 10 years of experience in the industry Maria Vitoria has recently become a sworn translator. It is financially compensating. She can make more money because translates official documents, such as diplomas, certificates and contracts. The biggest challenge is always to find words you've never heard of. This businessman believes that to become more competitive than other countries, Brazil needs to reduce the tax burden on the industry. You have to prove that Brazil is able to deliver, this is the first barrier. Broken this barrier, you have to keep the price and quality high.

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Country: Brazil
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Posted by: ccaps on May 24, 2011

Brazilian program TV Brasil visited the Ccaps office and interviewed Cassius Figueiredo, Production Director, to learn about our services and how Ccaps is meeting the increasing demand for translation services in Brazil.

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