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Klan Kosova Short Documentary Fitting of Prosthetics

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Life brings the good and the bad. They are manifested in different ways, but in spite of this, people are strong, they continue and must continue to be strong. Such is the case of the young man Milazim Hoti who had an accident 16 years ago whereby he lost his leg. Since then, he has worn the same prosthesis, which should not have happened. Initially, it was a temporary prosthesis, and then I had the permanent prosthesis fitted on, and never changed it since 2001 Were you supposed to have it changed? Yes, I believe so. You can ask them. I have had this prosthesis since 2001. Was I supposed to have it changed? It should have been changed every two years. I had the prosthesis measured, and this is the second time, by Ottobock organization from Croatia. Now we’ll wait until tomorrow, right? Yes. At three o’clock. At three o'clock. I will come once more. I am now putting on the prosthesis. Do you have a problem with this one here? Yes, I have problems. You see that it had to be replaced much earlier, but...I couldn’t afford it. Years passed on. Prosthesis has not been replaced. They may cost anything from 20, 30, 40 or 50 thousand Euros - the amount of money Milazim could not provide. However, this nightmare which has made his walk, and his life difficult has come to an end, at least for some time. In the town of Ferizaj, a very interesting centre has been opened. It is called the Centre of Competence, which is co-established by the Governments of Kosovo and Luxembourg. Young students are trained here in several fields, including Ortho-prosthetics, and in the future, this centre can start producing prosthesis for this young man and for many other cases. This Project is very important because not only it has as a beneficiary 20 patients who will be fitted with high quality prosthesis, but also due to the fact that the school where we are today, the Centre of Competence in Ferizaj, has already trained two generations of students and technicians specialised in fitting these prosthesis, or in the field of ortho-prosthetics. Owing to the cooperation between the renowned company Ottobock with Ortomedica, which is the local partner of Ottobock, students have the possibility to practice, learn while working and what we hope, to create possibilities for their future employment, since the development of this sector in Kosovo and production of these prosthesis here is not to the benefit of the patients only who will not have to travel abroad and undergo additional expenses, but this will also create a local market where the students could also get employed. To date, Kosovo is the only country in the Balkans that does not provide anything for these cases. The aim of this project, which brings together a private-public partnership, is important because it generates revenues to build up professional staff and for the maintenance of the school to become financially self-sufficient. We are satisfied with this collaboration thanks to Luxembourg that have concluded this agreement with Ottobock, and for the first time prosthesis are being fitted to five persons, to five patients, in our school. The benefit of this is that our students, two generations of them have already graduated, have the possibility to find employment with Ottobock. We have discussed the issue of their possible employment, and, of course, we are glad to be cooperating with a prestigious company such as Ottobock. A few days later, Milazim has received his prosthetic leg He is extremely happy to be able to walk better than a couple of days ago. With the new prosthesis I have on, made by Ottobock Company, I feel very comfortable. I had it fitted today for the first time, and I can already walk with much more ease than with the old one. My request would go to the Ministry of Health to develop projects to help us, as other countries in the Balkans do to help their citizens, so that we also feel as citizens of this country equal to other citizens.

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