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2800 Exercises in the first week after Breast Surgery

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Arm exercises after surgery will help you get back the range of movement you had before surgery and prevent long-term problems with shoulder movement. There are a range of exercises you can do. This video looks at the exercises you can do immediately after surgery and a second video will show you some more advanced exercises you can do in week two and beyond. But if you have had had breast reconstruction surgery, speak to your surgeon or specialist before you do any exercises. You should repeat each exercise five times before you move onto the next one and you should try to do the exercises three times each day. You shouldn't worry if you can't manage to do all the exercises every time. For example you may find the exercises more difficult if you are undergoing radiotherapy, so do as much as you can and feel comfortable with. You should start the exercises as soon as you can, ideally the day after surgery. In this first week, there are 5 different Oexercises that you can do. Start with these 2 simple warm-up and cool-down exercises. In the Shoulder Shrugs exercise, keep your arms loose and relaxed by your sides. Shrug your shoulders up toward your ears, then lower gently back down. Then try Shoulder Circling where you keep your arms loose again and relaxed by your sides. Shrug your shoulders up toward to your ears again, but this time circle them back down again like this. These are core exercises and you should always do them to warm-up before any of the other exercises and repeat them at the end to cool-down. In the first week you can also do these three basic exercises. But remember to warm up first and don’t raise your arms above your shoulders. Start by doing the Back Scratch exercise by holding your arms out to the side and bend your arms from the elbow like this. Slowly, reach up behind your back to just under your shoulder blades. Lower arms slowly back to the starting position and then do it again. As with all the exercises, repeat five times before you move onto the next one. Now do the Bent Arm exercise by raising both your arms forward so they are right at right angles to your body. Bend your elbows and rest your hands lightly on your shoulders. Lower your elbows slowly and then raise them again. There is an alternative version of this which you may find easier. Rest your hands on your shoulders again but this time point your elbows out to the sides. Lower your elbows slowly and then raise them again. In the final exercise in this group of week 1 exercises, put your hands behind your head with your elbows together in front of your face. Bring your elbows back to point out to the sides, and then return them to the starting position. When you have completed each of these exercises five times, you are ready to cool down, so you need to do your shoulder shrugs and circle shoulder circling exercises again. You should be trying to do these exercises three times a day and you shouldn't feel pain when doing them. A stretching or pulling sensation is normal, but if you do have concerns or feel excessive pain when doing the exercises, or become concerned about your range of movement or level of discomfort, please speak to your breast care nurse. Also stop exercising and contact them if you are having problems with fluid collecting in the site of your operation or a wound infection.

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2800 Exercises in the first week after Breast Surgery

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