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The Brave One

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[soft piano music] (woman) What are you wearing? (man) Green scrubs, tied at the waist, very sexy v-neck... [giggles] [dog whimpering] [ball bouncing, barking dog] (young man) Man, don't you know that there's a leash law? [laughs] [silence] (woman with accent, quietly) You were gone for three weeks - you have to let him go. But I want to see him again! He's gone... But I want to see him again. He is gone, honey. (woman) I never understood how people lived with fear. and then it touched me. We got the best detectives in the city working on this - we will find him. Please be a little bit patient and have a seat over there. An officer will be down shortly to help you. We're on your side. Then how come it doesn't feel like that? When you love something, every time a bit of it goes, you lose a piece of yourself. This is too easy, man (laughing) [click] [gunshot] (woman) It is astonishing to find that inside you there is a stranger... I killed a man today. [gunshot] (woman) that has your arms, your eyes... let me remind you that we do have a legal system. (woman) The stranger is all you are now. There's no going back. How did you pull it together after what happened to you? You become someone else. There are plenty of ways to die. But you have to figure out a way to live. I used to ask myself if there was someone that I knew, that had committed a crime, would I have the fortitude to put them away. And do you? Want somethin'? I want my dog back. [gunshot] [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jan 28, 2010

The Brave One Trailer

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