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Ed! Where's your payment for the bills?! You dont pay for the tuition, you dont pay for the electric bills, you dont pay for the water bills- Oh my Gosh! I feel exhausted! Just wait. 'Just wait'?! How can I wait if you didnt do anything? I'm taking a peek at hell! She seemed to sweat more that summer, and miserably. She made it sound like Father's fault. So he cajoled her with kisses and promises of an electric fan, bigger windows, a bigger house. But mother, just pushed my father away. I promise I will buy you an electric fan, a bigger window, and a bigger house. Get off me! This hellish life. Again, he was ready to pledge relief, but something in mother's eyes made him mutter only the usual excuse The devil ate my words He lived in a Spanish house and owned several stores in the city. This Spanish mestizo was my father's employer, but only for a very short while. He sacked him and our neighbor Tiyo Anding, also a mason after he found a cheaper hand for the extension of his house. Hey! Both of you are so slow. I found a better mason to work for me. -Sir we'll be quick. -Sir I can't lose this job. No excuses! Both of you are fired. We never knew the devil's name. Father was incapable of speaking it, more so he always sat at the darkest corner of the house, and stared at his hands. It took him two days of silent staring before he told my mother about his fate. Father, let's eat dinner. Go ahead darling. I'm not hungry. How I wished I could prick my father's tongue back to speech and even hunger, but of course we couldn't, because it had disappeared. Perhaps, next he should sell his esophagus, then his stomach. I would if I had the chance to be that pampered. To know for once what I would never taste. I would be soaked, steamed, sauteed, basted, baked, boiled, fried and feted with only the perfect seasonings. I would become an epicure. On a rich man's plate, I would be initiated to flavors of only the finest quality. And in his stomach, I would be inducted to secrets. I would be the 'inside girl', and I could tell you the true nature of sated affluence.

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Posted by: clauber on Jan 4, 2017

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