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Arabinda Basu: Resistance to Change 

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[globaloneness project] [Resistance to Change] ARABINDA >> There are people who don't want it. They say we are--I say we are all men like this. This is ego. This is a revolt against God. God's interest is to evolve man into a high level of consciousness. Man doesn't want to do it. This is why they say man is a very high being. He is a child of Mind. You'll be interested to know that, in Sanskrit, the word man is MANAV which means the Child of Mind. We're mental beings, primarily, which is a very glorious thing. See what Mind has achieved? Amazing things. And yet, Mind has also done things which are absolutely inhuman. Animal-ish. Beastly. Boogiemen. This is where Shinda says that our nature is to change, both outer and inner. So, the fact that on the physical level--not only physical. Physical, vital, mental, body, life, mind-- on all these levels, there are the people who do not want to change. Inertia. We are as we are. We carry on like this. A lot of people are very idle. Doesn't do, outward, anything at all. All throughout humanity, also, has gone back and pulled downwards. And that fear, on a collective level, if you like. And there are people who do not want it. That is where Shinda has said--it's a very crucial sentence-- One of the tasks of the supernatural beings, to break down all mental molds. And I think that is happening in front of us. Morality, ideas of education, ideas of intelligent economy, politics--everything is changing. Radically changing. This is because we are sticking to mind and disillusions.They are not enough. We build up things and they fail--all the time. Because the consciousness behind the mind is not sufficiently knowledgeable. You do not know enough. I'll give you an example. There are dams that have been built in India, because they need them. Water has been stored up and sadly, a number of villages got flooded out. They didn't see that this was going to happen when they build the dam. To take a very ordinary example, mundane experience. Why do we not know what is going to happen, if we build the dam, to the villages of the people there? They didn't think about it. Break the mental mold, in a larger way. Not only this dam and villages being flooded. This is only one mundane example I'm giving. Ordinary example. But in all things, we do need to know--League of Nations--it had build up such high hopes in 1919. It failed even before it was founded. Why? Now to the United Nations. And it is also failing almost everywhere. Great idea! Yes, as an idea. But the vital power behind it is not enough to force itself on people, because the spiritual unity is not there. The nations don't feel they belong to one community--of world community. They don't feel it. And even though the European Union has been founded, and great things have been done there, it is actually standing against America because of domination. This is conflict. Now, how can you stop America dominating Europe--and yet, Europe made a union-- this is a mental problem Mind cannot solve. []

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Posted by: global on Sep 10, 2008

Arabinda Basu, philosopher and scholar of Sri Aurobindo, explains that man is a high being capable of evolving to very high states of consciousness, but that there is individual and collective resistance to change. According to the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, in order for any real change to take place, spiritual unity must be present and all current mental molds must be broken. 

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