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Gang Starr - Code of the Streets

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Hey, yo. Word. I'm getting tired of it, man. Every time I try to catch a cab, I'm being stereotyped because the way I look, man. Even if you show them the money, they don't want to give you a ride. It's like they don't stop. Where you guys want to go? We want to go to Brooklyn, man. All it is man is the connection to the complexion. To Brooklyn? What you want to go to Brooklyn for? You can't go uptown. You can't go to Brooklyn. Give me the money first before... It's too far. It's kind of getting towards my lunch hour. I can't take you to Brooklyn. Go somewhere else.

Take this for example, young brothers want rep because in the life they're living, you can't half step. It starts with the young ones doing crime for fun, and if you ain't down, you'll get played out son. So let's get a car, you know, a fly whip. Get a dent puller, screwdriver and be off quick with a dope ride, yeah, and a rowdy crew. We can bag us a Benz and an Audi, too. Even a jeep or a van, goddamn, we're getting ours, yo. Take a trip up the strip and be like stars, so it doesn't matter if the cops be scoping. They can't do jack. That's why a young brother's hoping. To do anything, anywhere, any place. Buck wild in another court case. It's the code of the streets.

They might say we're a menace to society. But at the same time I say "Why is it me?" Am I the target for destruction? What about the system and total corruption? I can't work at no fast-food joint. I got some talent, so don't you get my point? I'll organize some brothers and get some crazy loot. Selling D-R-U-G-S and clocking dollars, troop. Because the phat dough, yo, that suits me fine. I got to have it, so I can leave behind the mad poverty. Never having always needing. If a sucker steps up, then I leave him bleeding. I got to get mine. I can't take no shorts. And while I'm selling, here's a flash report. Organized crime, they get theirs on the down low. Here's the ticket. Want to bet on a horse show? You got to be a pro. Do what you know when you're dealing with the code of the streets.

Nine times out of ten I win with the skills I be wielding. Got the Tec one dealing. Let me express my feelings. Guru has never been one to play a big shot. It's just the styles I got that keep my mic hot. And fuck turning my back to the street scene. It gives me energy, so I'mma keep fiends coming just to get what I'm selling. Maybe criminal or felon dropping gems on your melon. So keep abreast to the Gang Starr conquest. Underground roughnecks, pounds of respect. I've never been afraid to let loose my speech. My brothers know I kick the code of the streets.

If you don't know the wisdom of the streets, you don't know, man. You know what I'm saying? It's the same thing as schooling. You know what I'm saying? Because times is hard, man. You got to be European... I'm out here living, man. I be the way I want to be, man. They're always stereotyping us, man. Somebody look at us, and they just keep moving. So where are you guys are going? We want to go to Brooklyn, man. It's too far. What do you mean it's too far. It's OK man. They got that parade going on over there today. I don't know much about Brooklyn. I'm going off duty in a few minutes. We are black. Black or white, I'm not talk to you no more. I'm out of gas. I got to get gas. That's what it is. I know how to get the airport.

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