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John McCain calls Ron Paul a

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ANDERSON COOPER: This next question is for Senator McCain. RONALD LANHAM: My name is Ronald Lanham from Mobile, Alabama. And I want you to tell me, do you support the elimination of the federal income tax in favor of a national retail sales tax, also known as the fair tax? Thank you. COOPER: Governor Huckabee supports it. Do you? MCCAIN: I do not, and I think we should look very carefully at it. And I think we should look very carefully at some of the provisions, which according to The Wall Street Journal would increase an individual's tax rate up into the 30s. MCCAIN: Obviously, we need a simpler, fairer tax code. Everybody knows that. We need to have a commission that reports out a credible proposal. And then we do what we do with the base closing commissions. Congress can't fool around, they either vote yes or no. If Congress can't fix the tax code, give me the job and I'll fix it. I just want to also say that Congressman Paul, I've heard him now in many debates talk about bringing our troops home, and about the war in Iraq and how it's failed. (APPLAUSE) And I want to tell you that that kind of isolationism, sir, is what caused World War II. We allowed... (APPLAUSE) We allowed... (AUDIENCE BOOING) COOPER: Allow him his answer. Allow him his answer, please. MCCAIN: We allowed -- we allowed Hitler to come to power with that kind of attitude of isolationism and appeasement. (AUDIENCE BOOING) MCCAIN: And I want to tell you something, sir. I just finished having Thanksgiving with the troops, and their message to you is -- the message of these brave men and women who are serving over there is, "Let us win. Let us... (APPLAUSE). COOPER: We will -- please. We will get to Iraq.. (APPLAUSE) All right. Let me just remind everyone that these people did take a lot of time to ask these questions, and so we do want direct questions to -- the answers. We will get to Iraq later, but I do have to allow Congressman Paul 30 seconds to respond. PAUL: Absolutely. The real question you have to ask is why do I get the most money from active duty officers and military personnel? (APPLAUSE) PAUL: What John is saying is just totally distorted. (PROTESTER SHOUTS OFF-MIKE) PAUL: He doesn't even understand the difference between non- intervention and isolationism. I am not an isolationism -- an isolationist. I want to trade with people, talk with people, travel. But I don't want to send troops overseas using force to tell them how to live. We would object to it here and they're going to object to us over there. (APPLAUSE)

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In the YouTube Debate, John McCain calls Ron Paul a "Hitler Appeaser".

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