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Vibrant Small Groups, Part 1

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Vibrant Small Groups Part 1 One thing I have argued over the years is that in Scripture we see in Acts 2 that the church met in the temple courts. They had a large group meeting. Then it says that they met in homes and took their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart. Sometimes when I teach at Willow I get the flip chart out and I say, "What are some things we can do in our large group gathering that we do not to well in a small group. I list those things. Then I put an apologetic behind it and say, "There are reasons why you should never miss the large group worship gathering on any weekend." I make a list of five reasons why. I change it every time. I say, "There are at least five reasons you should never miss the large church gathering on the weekend." Some things can only happen in a large group setting as the church does its mission. Then on the other side of the flip chart I say, "There are small groups which happened in the Acts 2 church. There are some experiences that you can have in a small group that you cannot have in a large group. All of you who are serious about Christ, you need to in addition to make sure you go to the large group gathering each week you need to find your way into a small group." Then I will go down the list and say, "Here is what uniquely happens in a small group. Confession of sin. You should not do that in a large group gathering. That is odd. Personalized application of Scripture. In the middle of a message for 15 people to stand up and say, "Huh? How does that apply to my life?" It is chaos. You are in a small Bible study and you are looking at a text and you say, "May someone help me. How do I apply that to my life?" Guidance for one another. One of the most frustrating things that happens to me because Willow is a large church some person will come down to me after a message and say "I have an opportunity to take a new position with my company but I just was made an offer by a Christian non-for-profit organization that would like for me to become the president of it. What should I do?" Of course, I say, "I cannot answer that question. It would not be wise for me to attempt to do so." And he says, "Why? I am under your teaching. You are my pastor." I say, "Because I really do not know you well enough on a personal basis to know your gifts, your past history, your proclivities, to know how this will affect your wife and children. I do not have enough insight at the removed level that I am from your life to give you valuable counsel on this so I have to give you no counsel." So I love to say in those settings, "Surely you can take this to your small group." The answer often comes back, "Hey, I lead a busy life. I have not had time to get into a small group." I say, "This is a situation that you are facing now that would have been more easily faced had you made the time to get into a small group." In a small group when one of your members has a key life decision to make like this then it is perfectly appropriate to call a time out and to seek the wisdom of the whole group and to say, "May I have 30 minutes of feedback into this key decision that I am facing in my life because you know me, love me, you know my gifts, you know my past and how it will affect my family." That kind of personalized guidance only comes in a small group. You need both is my point.

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Posted by: landsm on Sep 29, 2014


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