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global oneness project The Core Essence One thing that we are working on and have been involved in several sessions and workshops now is the core values Sami Awad Bethlehem, Palestine Founder and Director, The Holy Land Trust of what we call the Abrahamic Principles. Father Abraham is non-Jew, non-Christian, and non-Muslim, but all of them claim Father Abraham to be their father and they all denounce their brothers who are also the sons of Father Abraham. And the challenge is how to create this common thread of values where Jews, Christians, and Muslims begin to see that what is common between them, out-weighs tremendously, what makes them different from each other. And again in this power to create distinction, to be able as a religious individual to distinguish your faith, your spiritual practice, your spiritual beliefs from the political narratives and political stories that have also been taught to you as part of this religious faith as well. And its not easy. Its very difficult because now you begin to address ideologies. You begin to address religious teachings that have become in their own right even now a core value within each religion, but it is through distinction how to take individuals back to the core essence of their faith and their religion. In that core essence, in that core value, we're all one and we're all common and we come from the same father, and we worship the same god, and these basic values that are taught in every religion are a part of the Abrahamic religions as well. We have to challenge the schools and the ideologies that take advantage of religion to achieve political and ideological desires that are destructive, that create racism, create discrimination, create inequalities in society... and that, as I said, is not easy, but it becomes very important because, as you said, religion is very important in this land and we cannot take religion out of this equation. We have to see how religion can become a player for peace building than a tool for creating animosity and enemies between people.

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