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I’m the nest of the unreasoning joys, unanswered questions, and unexpected love. Look at these beauties, look at me, see me. I belong to the harmony of nature and now I’m much closer to that cycle more than most of you. All I need is your unconditional pure attention, however now I am hanging by a thread more than ever. Nature loves me and protects me as I do. In fact, people make me powerless and defenseless with their threats. Even nature cannot protect me from their violence. I am guilty of going outside, playing in streets and trusting the people. And the people punish me in the worst ways. While the soft spatter of my arms and legs on the water makes me happy, the gaze of others makes me run out of that place because of the disturbance that I feel. Being alone while I’m walking or playing is the worst nightmare of mine and I want to feel safe. The hideous secrets of the people are shrouded in me. I can only call them secrets because I can’t tell them to anyone. Even if I might try to tell them, no one would believe me. The owners of these secrets are not only strangers but also the people who are close to me. I surrounded by the fearful and unsafe feelings in my home, even with the people I know. My relatives are worst, crueler than the foreigners. I am scared of not be able to wake up again before I go to. I am not the same person that I used to be. I am no longer happy and I don’t feel safe. I want to escape from everyone with all my power and be under the protection of nature. I want to be happy again and forget my pains in nature’s arms. I remember each detail and what happened to me. While the hands of the darkness touched me, my body stiffened and I got hoarse. I thought, those hands can’t touch me, can't hurt me if I don’t move and don't make sounds, but I was terribly wrong. The darkness left it’s whole dirtiness inside of me and abandoned me to loneliness. Everything happened in the way that darkness wanted. It did things to me and then disappeared quickly like a shadow as the way it got into my life. However, the marks it left always stayed in me. The marks stayed with me and made me a target. They made me wrongous and guilty because of what happened to me. In the end, it brought my ending, because I couldn’t start over. I lost my body and my consciousness when those hands touched me. I tried to find my childhood and my innocence for a long time, but I only found the painful touches of the darkness. I remember those touches on my body and I can still feel the pain just like the first day. I wanted to forget the moments of the fast fearful beats of my heart, the way I couldn’t hear my breath and the predominance of the darkness on me. However, darkness didn’t even let me forget these moments with the marks that it left on me. Yes, I’m still living but now I live in the shade with my pains since I lost my childhood. One day, someone told me that “Everyone is beautiful in the clouds”. If this is true, then I left my childhood on those clouds.

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Posted by: flixer on Mar 7, 2019

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