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Hitler AfterLife 7 - What is real

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 7 What is Real? This is Hitler... continuing... And I was just looking at the following: I'm going so concerned with actually having fear or doubt or uncertainty or anger or anything that I just didn't go there - which I'm grateful for. Oh! and, of course, because, when I was a child, I was extremely sick - always sick. Most of my attention was directed to me being ill and, therefore, I couldn't always do what other children did and now I was mostly secluded on my own - which I was content with, which I enjoyed. And... ...sometimes I wondered if it was whether this illness that these demons... are not coming for me. I even wondered sometimes: maybe I was... maybe they forgot to place these systems inside me and that's why the demons can't get me - because I didn't have a system inside me, I didn't have that which these normal human beings have in them - this whole mind system from which this Life Force Essence is seeping - from which seeps from the Life Force Essence, its way of existence - and then, the dem... It was like I was in this kind of 'experiment camp' or something that these demons have created these human beings as a system so that they're able to exist. I looked at everything completely the opposite way: I looked at whatever where the demons were existing was the "real world" and where we are was the created world so that they are able to exist (now these demons) from human beings with the systems inside them, seeping the Life Force Essence as who the beings really are. And, you know, multiple times I wondered, you know: "Why am I here?" - you know - "What am I doing here? Why am I seeing these things?" "What is the purpose of it if no-one will hear me, if no-one will believe me?" Because, of course... You know what's the strange thing? Have a look. You have billions of human beings in this world, everyone seeing the exact same thing, and just because everyone is seeing the exact same thing, it is accepted as "normal", it is... ...'this is what is real, this is what you see'. But yet, the more I started growing up and seeing the demons and the systems inside human beings, the more I realized but whatever all these billions of people are seeing, it's actually not real. That which I am seeing is what actually really exist beyond this picture world that these human beings perceive to be real. Now HOW do you explain that to people? It's impossible! It's impossible for me at that age, at that time to walk up to a person and say: "Did you know that you are a system?" "Did you know that your Life Force - that you are a system" "that feeds of a Life Force Essence" "that's actually a being to feed demons?" Please. I would have been annihilated! And... that's what I find so strange because that which is seemingly... real... is accepted but... that which is actually real is not accepted. And when people say that they are seeing something which not everyone else is seeing, they're apparently crazy! I'm certain the veil of this world's eyes will be popped off soon. But... So now, the first question that I asked: "What is really going on in this world?" Now, the only way I could figure out what's going in this world is to look at the systems that run the world which is the banking system, the... you know, the judges, the lawyers, the religions - I started investigating all of these fields. I started investigating in terms of a placement: why they're here, what is the effect of the beings in relationship to that. I looked at the money system - I read a lot! I really did. What did I realize I need to know? 'Know thy ennemy' But not that I'd say that they are my enemy but I needed to understand why this world exists firstly, because it seems to have no purpose but for these demons to be able to exist because they feed of this emotional and feeling energy that is compounded through a system, seeped off from the Life Essence. So why does everything exist? So mainly, I realized that human beings in terms of the Life Essence of who they are is trapped, lost, don't know anything. Now I wondered, now I said to myself: "Listen," "I am here. I'm in this world." "I see these things. I see what's going on. I see what's inside human beings." And I wondered if I'm not maybe here to possibly do something, you know, for some higher purpose, or for some higher reason. I didn't find any other logical answer for why I was here firstly, why I'd see all these demons, these systems within human beings. And, of all human beings, and even the children, I was literally - I experienced as the only one that don't have anything within me. And... So yeah, there was basically the experience inside during that time and many questions I asked in all the religions. Obviously, you know, I only read a few pages of the Bible or Holy Books, and I went: "Hin hin hin, no! This doesn't exist" "because I would have possibly seen it!" Even the tale of some God being up there or omnipresent etc.: it couldn't be. The whole God concept seemed to me be twisted around: that the demons were actually interpreted as the God in these Holy Books and they were actually praying to this God, because that would make sense because demons used to feed of human beings when they prayed. So the religions based upon the demons. And then everything was like... twisted around in this world. So, this is Hitler. I'll speak more in my next interview. Thanks. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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