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Second one. That's the second one, right? You have a preference? - They both sound good. - They're both good. They're different. The first one to me, you can feel the girth a little more. The second one is a little more narrow, in your face. - That's what it sounds like to me. - What, is the second one with the Ampeg? The second one, yes, it's with the Ampeg. They're both good. For this song there's not a lot of... It's a little more AC/DC-ish. - You have a preference? - The first one sounded bigger. - But the second one sounded tougher. - I agree. - It just sounded tougher - A little more biceps. Exactly. It's got that doubled-up... Sounds really cool. It definitely creates a little more space, you can hear the cymbals and stuff that was happening. But then again with the first one it was nice because it did soften some of that crashy cymbal stuff. They are both good. The one thing I'm going to have a tough time listening to stuff like that is that I have the unfortunate experience of listening to these tracking, these floor tapes more than anyone so the second one is a touch more like the one I'm used to hearing. It's like I gravitate to it. It sounds more right. - I see. - You guys have a benefit there. Mike, you've heard it a fair amount. The second one that's a bit tougher, I hear a bit more of the character in how you're playing it. I can actually hear when you take a note and you shake or you pull, the other one's a lot smoother. It has more to do with where you want to go with the feel on the song. I think the Ampeg's good on this one. But on certain songs that might not be the case.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 25, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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