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B.E. Section 3

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Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to be here today! I would like to share my testimony. I grew up Christian. My family is Christian. Just because I grew up in a Christian family makes me a Christian automatically? I remember one time my roommate invited a few friends over to our house. We all just hung out and had fun. I noticed something different about my roommate's friends. They really viewed Jesus as their best friend, someone they confide in. After meeting them, I realized that I do not have that kind of relationship with Jesus. My roommate's friends were really close with Jesus. They were not living out of fear with Jesus. I began to realize something.... During that week of their stay, my roommate's friends asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Of course, I felt offended! I already accepted Jesus in my heart when I was nine years old! You think I am going to say yes again? It just did not make sense! I realized after they explained to me what it really means to accept Jesus in my heart. To believe in Jesus Christ, that is one part. Now, the other part of it is to be able to let go of my control over my life including all my thoughts and decisions. I just need to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and fully surrender. (Demons): No! No! No! Nooooooooo!!! (Demon 3): We do something to stop her! (Demon 2): We have to come up with a plan! (Person): Honestly, I am not too sure about this. To fully surrender is a big thing... I will still have to think about it. (Demon 1): Just imagine yourself getting married to a handsome man. Picture yourself buying a big, new, beautiful house. Imagine yourself having children and watching them grow up. Whoa, whoa, whoa! To fully surrender means these silly dreams you have in your head must to be gone! POP! POP! POP! (Person): What? No, no, no! I just got engaged 2 weeks ago! My fiancée and I already talked about children's names, our future, and that big, beautiful house! (Demon 1): Aha! In Luke 14 with the red words, which means Jesus is talking, it says... If you want to be His disciple, you must give up everything to follow me (Jesus). You want to keep your ring from your fiancée, but what does the Bible say? Hmm? (Demon 3): If you fully surrender, you never will be able to find a fine and handsome husband! Who would want to date a prude like you?! (Demons laughing) (Person): Oh my... this means I need to take the ring off my finger, cut off all of my friends, quit my job, and live on the streets! (Demon 4): Just imagine yourself living on the street, barely living on nothing, and asking people for money. All of your friends, sisters and brothers, and the rest of your family members will just look down on you and be disgusted with you! They will think you are CRAZY! (Demons laughing) (Person): Oh no! My friends and family will definitely think I am weird! They probably will think I am involved with some kind of C-U-L-T! (Demons laughing) (Person): Wait a minute! I just remembered something! Jesus SAID... Jesus said in Luke 21 to not let my mind worry about what I will say because He will put words and wisdom inside my mind. So, when I confront my family or friends, I will know what to say. Not because it is from my own words, but it will be from the words of God. I do not need to be afraid! (Demon 2): I have an idea! Hey... Look at yourself! You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you. You do not really need to fully surrender now, hmm? (Person): Yeah, you're right! It does not have to be right now. I could wait a few more years. Oooh! I could go ahead and get married! Have kids! And have a house too! After that, I will go ahead and fully surrender. Why did I not think of that before? (Demon 4): Hah! Perfect! Later, later, later, becomes NEVER! YES! That is the first selfish thing that she has said so far! Humans, in general, are always selfish! (Person): Hmm, I don't know... I remember... Jesus SAID.... Jesus said in Luke 14 that if anyone wants to come to the Father, but cannot let go of his/her mother, father, sister, brother, friends, or even one's self cannot become His disciple. This means I shall love God above all else. However, this does not mean that I have to cut everyone else out and be alone for the rest of my life. Psalm 37 mentions to take delight in the Lord because He gives you the desires of your heart. This means trust. It is about trusting God that He knows the desires of my heart. I trust God to work out a plan for me. He probably knows the desires of my heart more than I know myself! This full surrender is easier than I thought it would be! (Demon 2): Aha! Watch and learn, my fellow demons! Ok....hey, what about all of the mistakes that you have made? Do you really think that the "Big Man" upstairs would forget the long list of mistakes you made? NO! That's stupid! (Demon 3): Do you remember last week you went to the food store to buy some stuff for your future husband? You bumped into your ex-boyfriend... You began chatting with him, flirting with him, and then... you went to his house! You have not even told your future husband! That is a big problem! (Demons laughing) (Demon 1): FIVE years ago... Do you remember that you were babysitting your nephew? Your nephew was running around. You tried to stop him. You began to grow angry. You remember what happened? When your nephew's parents arrived, they found bruises on your nephew. They asked you what happened. You told them that he fell down the stairs. LIAR! You know what they call in court for what you did to your nephew? A-B-U-S-E! (Demons sneering) (Demon 4): You think you can be like Christ? (Demons laughing) Impossible! You are a sinner, sinner, SINNER! You are worst than the demons. You are below them! (Person): Oh...oh.. I am just a complete failure! (Demon 3): No, no, you are not a failure. You are a DISASTER! (Demons laughing) (Person): Wait! No way! I remember! Is that it? I messed up? I failed? Romans 3 says that we all fall short of the glory of God. No one is good enough. And.... Jesus SAID... Jesus said in Mark 2 it is not the healthy people that need a doctor, but it is the sick. This means that Jesus did not come for those who act righteous and holier than thou. Jesus came for sinners like me. Yeah, I messed up. Yes, I make mistakes. Yes, my heart is broken. But, that is what Jesus came for! He came here to heal my heart. To top of it all, He came here to forgive us! That burden we carry, remember what Matthew 11 says, give your burdens to the Lord. The Lord will take your burdens and you will be free. (Demon 2): Hey, I got this. Guess what? Guess whaaat?! (laughs) Today, I was reading the newspaper. I was reading that a "big-shot", famous pastor, has fallen away from the Lord again! Oh! I am so sorry! You know, every other day I would read about big and famous pastors, after many years of being faithful, just suddenly decide that God is not that important now! What? Well, I mean they should know, right? They are supposed to have "amazing wisdom" and "experiences." Now, look at you! Why go on the same path as them? Learn from their mistakes! (Demon 3): What about all of the work you have done to succeed? All of the knowledge you have gained to learn? To fully surrender means you have to give up all of what you learned and be nobody. What is the point of surrendering? No benefit! You already know what is right from wrong! Go ahead and use THAT! (Demon 1): You so called "Christians" depend so much on faith! Trusting in Jesus! It is like you are on crutches all the time! You have the whole world before you and you are only responsible for yourself! You have your own legs. Use your mind to think. Go ahead and use reasons, logics, and figure things out on your own. You go and work hard to pave the way to be successful. All by YOURSELF! (Person): You are right! My life has been decent. I know a lot of things. I have had a lot of experiences. (Demon 4): Why yes, look at yourself! You are young, popular, smart, and perfect! God, the Bible, and everything else in there, it does NOT benefit you! (Person): Hmm...but, that's it? That's all? I did not just accept Christ in my heart when I was 9 because Jesus gave me "everything." No! It's because Jesus gave up everything for me. Jesus is worth it all. Also, God of the Universe, sent His one and only Son here on earth. Jesus really humbled Himself He died for me! He lived a perfect life here yet he died as a criminal's death. That breaks my heart. You see, the purpose of life is not about getting everything, but giving up everything. Jesus said in John 18, "My Kingdom is not of this world..." To follow Jesus means eternal life! Paul says that our citizenship belongs to where? Here? With your passports? Nope! Our citizenship belongs in heaven. The things that we do here on earth, what we do for the world, will we bring our worldly-successes with us to heaven in the end? No. Following Jesus means living with Him for eternity. Matthew 6 says do not store your treasures here on earth, but store them in heaven. What is the point of you living here on earth? 80, 90 years of living here, then that's it? All what you have done here on earth will simply end? No way! There is a purpose of you being here on earth! After living here on earth, you die, BUT if you choose Jesus it means you live again in eternity with Him. Wow! And in John 16, Jesus mentions that "This is eternal life, to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent..." It is really simple. Following Jesus means eternity. Now, I am finally beginning to understand what full surrender really means. It means to to simply give everything I have in Jesus's hands. Now, I am ready to be fully committed to Him. I do not want to surrender little parts of me. No! I want to surrender everything of me. I want to surrender everything so I can have a deeper relationship with you, Lord. Lord, I do not know what it will look like or how it will turn out, but I do know one thing- You are the Lord of my life. I grew up knowing that you are real, but even the demons believe that. However, what makes us different is that I let go of all the worldly desires and keep my eyes on You. I fully surrender all of my desires to be with you. My heart, my body, my mind, my soul- everything that I am, I give it all to you. I feel so free! (Campers): Wow! That's awesome! (Renca): Yeah! Full surrender means to give everything I have. People may think it is too hard. It is not. It is really simple. Let God handle everything! (Dan): That was a powerful testimony. I feel it's life-changing. (Renca): Definitely. Of course, through our lives, we will face many obstacles or distractions. Make sure you always pray about it so God can remove them. The only goal we have is Jesus! (Gabriel): I agree. (Dan): I hope the other campers are fine? (Renca): There you guys are! (Brandon): Hey....umm...yeahhh... (Kari): It is just a bunch of bats flying around over there. Oh, but a funny thing happened! Jonathan squealed when he saw them! He started running around. The bats chased him! That took up a lot of our time! (Jonathan): Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's a lie! Naw, she's lying! (Kari): I was not! (Liza): Hey while I was out, I saw some bats flying around and Jonathan was screaming! (Kari): Aha! See I told you! Proof! (Campers laughing) (Renca): It is all right, Jonathan, it is all right. (chuckles) Well, I recently shared with Gabriel and Dan, what I already shared with the rest of you earlier about my testimony, "Full Surrender." Remember that? Dan and Gabriel have not heard yet so I shared it with them. What do you guys think? (Gabriel): Your story really clearly helped me understand what full surrender really meant. (Dan): Yeah! Full surrender is not about what I only gain from my relationship with God, but how I can give everything that I am to Him. Wow. It was powerful. (Brandon): Hey, you know when Renca told me that testimony during our hike earlier today- I have been thinking... I feel it's time that I really want to fully surrender myself now. (Jonathan): Yeah, I was thinking the same! (Kari): I will go ahead and pray over the both of you for your full surrender to the Lord. I am sure some of you, in the audience, feel the same way? Heaven Father- Thank you for bringing us together at this time when we can enjoy our company, fellowship, and share stories. This is a sentimental time when we share all of our experiences. Now, we have received your Word, we need your wisdom too for how to apply what we learned in our lives. We need the Holy Spirit's guidance to touch our hearts and others too. We are hungry for you, Lord. Teach us how we can develop and grow our character. Continue transforming our hearts and minds to be more like you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. In His name, Amen. (Campers): Amen (Dan): This was a very good night! (Campers agreeing) (Dan): Right now, I am exhausted. So, just to warn you, tomorrow is going to be a long hike! So, I must sleep now. Good night! (Brandon): Well, I feel so much lighter in my soul! So, I am going bed and have some time with Jesus! Thank you all and Good night! Oh, Renca- make sure you watch the fire. (Renca): Yeah, sure. The fire is beginning to dwindle down. (Jonathan): All right, Kari, I want to discuss more about the full surrender testimony. Can we? (Kari): Yeah sure, I can discuss this. Good night! (Liza): Hey, I have been thinking a lot about the identity dance. I am wondering if you can tell me more about that? (Gabriel): Yeah, sure! Awesome! Let's go. Good night! (Renca): The fire is dying down now... When a fire dies down, does it mean it is completely gone? No. Underneath a fire, there would be something called "embers,"- to be exact, "burning embers." The burning embers are always there under a fire. If you blow underneath a dying fire- you can create a new fire again. That fire is just like us and our communities in the world. We have this fire inside of us. Sometimes in our lives, we hit a downhill which might cause the fire to die down. Do we give up and say, "that fire is gone?" No. We still have it because we have the burning embers inside. Jesus, Himself, will blow on our burning embers and light our fires again. In that time when Jesus comes, will you have this fire burning inside of you? Will our embers be ready to be lit up again? Are you ready for His coming? It is your choice...

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Full Surrender

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