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Hello people I want to talk to you about the Covid-19 vaccine, okey? The one develop by the University of Oxford together with AstraZeneca to say company, all right? Recently they published the results so the overall efficiency of the vaccine and the number was 70%. Now compare to the other two with numbers in the region of 90-95% these look bad. However it turn out they make a mistake with about 300 people volunteers and because they gave to these people a lower dose the gene of the vaccine, so basically they gave the same amount of liquid, but there was less amount of vaccine in the liquid there was deluded. So... this was a mistake, but it turn out that when you do that in the first dose and then you give the full amount on the second it looks like the overall efficacy rises from 70 to around 90%. Now taking into account that this vaccine is cheaper than the other two it's in the region of 2-3€ rather than twenty or whatever and that it can be stored in fridges, all right? At fridge temperature, around 8 degrees positive rather than minus 20, minus 80. So of course, that all this two characteristic make this vaccine much better. So the only problem would be the lower efficacy, but if it turns out that the overall efficacy is actually in the region of the 90%, then that's really good. So it looks like they're going to make new trials now, but then of course some people are saying hmmm... if they're making new ones it's because they didn't do it alright the first time and so on, it's tricky.

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Posted by: oriol45 on Dec 11, 2020

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