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Seth Godin Triiibes podcast #01

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Brendan: Hello everyone, we're ready to start this webcast. Just to introduce everyone - Elizabeth is here? Elizabeth: Good evening, everyone. ... and Seth ... Seth: Good afternoon. Unless here in California, in which case it's good morning. And it's good evening here. So you're probably in a very good morning in Australia if anyone has come in. We're open to questions. Oh, I filled one in already. And Seth, thank you ... Yes, we can have questions, if anyone has, by all means pop them in, We're going to start off talking a little bit first about... about tribes. I say we, Seth, hopefully. I'm going to hand over to Elizabeth to ask a few questions ... we are just filtering as they come in. Thank you, Brendan. And Seth, than you very much for joining us. So, just to kick off: Triiibes concept. When did you first notice the concept of tribes? Well, first I don't want to be any more rude than I already have been. I want to thank you Elisabeth for the incredible amount of work you and Brendan have put into this. And to the seventy-five or hundred or a thousand people who are here from the Triiibe - thank you for listening and for giving and working so hard. You started with a great question and I'll do my best to answer it. Tribes have always been around and I would argue that for the longest time people tended to belong to three. A community tribe, a work tribe and a business trib And those tend to be locally based, and they were essential to our well being, and I think we all need that sort of thing. About a 100 years ago, 150 years ago, as business kicked in, as capitalism kicked in and as marketing kicked in... this need for more, more more more overwhelmed the foundation that tribes have given us as a culture. And the idea of interrupting people with tv ads, and magazine ads, and radio ads, and blitzing us with messages in a one directional way, sort of drowned out the tribal nature of our society. And it's only in the last 10 or 15 years that I've been noticing a transition that had been going on but was drowned out by television and its like. And that transition was that instead of saying: "what should I buy?", "what's on offer?", "what's being advertised?", people started asking 2 questions. The first one is: "who else is going to be there?" and by "there" means "who else is going to wear this sneakers?" "who else is going to that church?", "who else is voting for this candidate?". And the second one is: "who's going to lead us?". And what the internet did, and what really brought it home for me... is the internet put a face on that. Because, you know, Google highlights the red hat ladies...

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Posted by: bernd in japan on Sep 15, 2008

First podcast exclusive to the group with Seth Godin, its founder, on 2008-09-12.

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