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What is Participatory Video?

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Introducing InsightShare We are people that work together to make change. We look for local solutions, ... ... and help create action. The way that we do this is using a method called participatory video. Its a way of making videos with all the community. but ... Participatory video is more than just making videos, ... ... its about getting people to unite and plan together ... ... to make change in their communities. Let’s take the example of a community, ... ... who has used participatory video to make a change. At the beginning, the group learned to use the camera through easy games and exercises. Each person teaches the next how to film. Anyone can do it. InsightShare helped the group to focus on what is important to them. The community was facing a water crisis. They discussed the possible causes for their lack of water, ... ... and suggested several solutions. Then the group organised their ideas by drawing a “storyboard”. The group decided who will film, who will talk, and where. They watched the video straight away and decided ... ... whether to show it to the wider community that evening. More people got involved, ... ... they talked about the issues, possible solutions, and what to do next. Over a few days several new groups formed to make videos on related issues. Everyone in the community had a hand on the camera. The community has full control over their videos. They decide what to keep in the video, and who will see it These videos were shared with the whole community. The videos were then shown in a neighbouring community, ... ... the ideas and solutions inspired them too. The local governor was also shown the videos, ... ... and was asked to support these and other related activities. These videos are now being shared with other communities around the world, ... ... and at international conferences on climate change and development. In this way local experiences and solutions are being listened to, ... ... and valued by donors, governments and scientists. Sometimes powerful people are difficult to speak to face to face. It can be easier to show a video to explain yourself. Through the Internet these films can reach a wider audience, ... ... and can create large discussions, raise awareness or build support for your campaign. Participatory video is less about making videos, ... ... and more about getting people to unite and plan together to make change in their community. It’s EASY and FUN and has worked all over the world. We ALL have valuable knowledge, ... ... we are all experts. You too can unite, organise, and take action. Insightshare will help your group learn to use participatory video, ... ... then you can pass it on to others. InsightShare Amplifying Voices, Connecting Worlds, Inspiring Transformation To see participatory video in action ... ... or to get involved ... ... go to

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Country: United Kingdom
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Producer: InsightShare
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Posted by: giacomo on Mar 29, 2010

A simple animation created by InsightShare ( explaining the process and ethos behind the Participatory Video methodology, as practiced by InsightShare in its various projects around the world. Using simple drawings, reminiscent of the storyboards created by participants, the process of community authored video for change is detailed from conception to creation and beyond.

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