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Italian joke about 3 robbers

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Three guys went and they rob a the deli We gotta rob a the deli Okay the guy's took a fake-e gun. Go in with the gun and say excuse me, money money No you guys wanna money no, no we do don't want the money, we wann-a food we don't want no money Cashier: "And what do you guys want?" He got scared and started shaking and pissed his pants Cashier: "Take it take it you can take anything you want" & one guy takes a can of sardines You, know the Sardines? Audience: "Yeah we know the sardines, go" The other guy say, I love eggs. Cashier: "So take a dozen eggs" Okay, the other guying f***ing shit, what i take uhh, my mother she love a rice. My mother, that's enough, she doesn't like too much so he takes one pound of rice, so he takes one pound of rice Audience: "How much, 1 pound?" Yeah one pound one pound. It's too heavy for bring it home So he takes one bag of rice, i no no how much, so now he take a the rice now. They catch them, they got caught (the three guys) So now they go to the judge, they went to the judge and took them to court The judge a say, you going to jella (jail) Victim: "Mr. Judge, I no rob a too much *Audience critiquing his choice of words* Ma come cazzo se dice in inglese I love a sardines judge, Judge: "Oh you love a sardines, how much sardines was in-a-side? Victim: 4 sardines Judge: So you get 4 years in jail Victim: "OHHHH JUDGE". 4 years in jail?!?! Judge: *speaking to 2nd victim* Now what did you rob? My mother, she love a the scrambled eggs in the morning Judge: Dozen eggs that's all you robbed? Victim: Yeah thats it, thats it Judge: 12 years in jella (jail) To the last victim: okay, what you robbed? Victim: Judge, my mother she love a rice, i love a the rice, i rob a little bag of rice okay count inside and find out how many pieces you have inside The guy a faint, "Oh judge pleeeeease, NO NOOOOO No judge please, I don't want to do so much years in jail Fuggedaboutit I love a my mom, i love my girlafriend I no wanna go, i no wanna go I'll give you the rice back, I'll give you the rice back-a! PLEASE PLEASE JUDGE

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