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It's not like I want to come across as a weirdo, but lately, I have this urge to touch people, oh, like their butts, or their muscles. That is weird. Well, I say that, but I understand where you're coming from. Really, y' know, Mimori Suzuko-san, who is my co-actress. Her butt is super fantastic. that so. It's a really, really, fantastic butt. Fans are gonna be very envious about this, but! It feels great to the touch! Do you think I can request to touch it too, the next time I meet her? Do it! Honestly, I figure her butt is the best in the voice acting business, Mimorin. About that, the butt of Yamaguchi Rikako-san from our agency? It's a great butt. Rikako-chan's butt, how do I put it... Y: It's round! K: Yes! Y: It's very round. K: Yes! I understand. Really, it's like...a peach. K: Which is great. Y: It's great. The ideal butt. And also from our agency, Uchida Aya-san. Ahhh! Great... K: Her butt is great. Y: Her butt is great, and she's a great person too. Her butt's super womanly! Agreed! I understand. Mimorin's butt, it's the sort that is springy overall. Like "PURI! (bouncing sfx)" Really, it's just. Puri! Then for Ucchi's butt, how should I say this... Y: It's got a "puwa (soft)" kind of feeling. K: Yes! A "puwa" kind of feeling. Very feminine. Yes, and Rikako-san's has a feeling like a peach's. K: You know, Rikako-chan's really slim, isn't she? Y: Yes! But her butt's's a beautiful butt. A beautiful butt. It's the ideal butt. Somehow, we seriously have become weirdos. We have. A'ight! Our show is still accepting mail, please write in to us... {KotoHonoUmi #3, the 'standard answer' from Kimino Sakurako for Nozomi's line to "raise the spirits of a boy suffering from the summer heat"} Ah! Summer heat exhaustion? No worries, no worries! For that, what you need is an injection of Nozomi power to clear it up in a jiffy! Come, show me your butt... [snerk] All done! Now together with Nozomi! Let's soar all the way to heaven! This...what even is this?! It's like, somehow...with a "pshew!" any problem can be dealt with! Amazing. And the "bachi~n"...I was so shocked! I was shocked too. Even you, yourself...

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Posted by: teufeld on May 2, 2015


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