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Here Comes the Boom (2012)

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[school bell ringing] (Scott) Oh, hey. Principal Becher. (Becher) You're late. Again. I was teacher of the year. That was 10 years ago. Feels like 8 though, right? As several of you already know, Wilkinson High School has been operating at a budget deficit. We are cutting all extra-curricular activities, Excuse me? (Scott) Everyone's quitting on these kids. We have to cut $48,000. Or raise the money. Oh, and who's gonna do that? We will. (Bella) So what exactly is the plan. How about we work out a plan, in my apartment, and dinner, also happens to be around, so we do both. Not a chance. I gotta figure this thing out. Yeah. Right after we watch the fight. (announcer) It's hard to believe that he got 10 grand for that performance. He made 10 grand for that fight? But he lost? If he won, it would have been 50. I want to fight mixed martial arts. (Marty) This is crazy. Do you even know if you can do this? No. No I do not. But I was a really good wrestler in college. I think I can do this. Let's see what you can got. Which guy am I fighing? Both. Come on, I can't fight two guys. I can't train a 42 year old biology teacher. You wanna be a fighter? Start in the cage. Is that a chicken? This is bottom level MMA. (Marty) You're gonna follow in the footsteps of all those great warriors, that put fear in the hearts of their opponents. (Bella) You dislocated your shoulder. You gotta help me. Ready? I always wanted to try this. This? What do you mean? You've never done this Aaaaa-ooooowwwww! (Scott) You know what? You're not cutting anything. That's the first installment right there. (Belcher) You're getting beat up in your bathing suit, and you are embarrassing the school. This wasn't plan A. But I don't know what else to do! If you don't make an effort, nothing's ever gonna change. Inspiring your students, I see. Alright everybody, let's get our story straight. Derek did it. What are you teaching these kids if you go through with it? What am I teaching them if I don't? I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this. (Marty) You can quit right now. And everything we worked for will have been accomplished. Our students - they're inspired. What if I dunk this ball, in that hoop, and then you have dinner with me at my house? Deal. No-no-no. That's cheating. Dreams are about to come true. [thud] Did that go in? [Captions by]

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