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How to Download Rocketdock For Your Computer

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Hey everyone this is going to be a Rocketdock tutorial. As you might know,mac computers have that little start menu at the bottom of their screen And there is a whole bunch of icons in a row. Well I am going to show you something just like that to download for windows and mac. Just go to, than it should bring you here. Then click on the Download page at the top of the screen. Just download the latest version. I have already downloaded it, then just go through the setup installer once you have downloaded it. It should make a shortcut on your desktop. Then double click on it. It should then launch Rocketdock and it should look like it does at the top of the screen. You might have different icons, or you might have it look a little different for you. What you can do is right click on an icon, and push icons settings. You can change a lot of the options for an icon. Or you can click on Dock Settings... and change styles, behaviors, generals, the icons, how big it is and where it is and stuff like those settings. Lets say your online, MAN I CAN'T GET TO MY ADRESS BAR! What you can do is right click on any icon, then push auto-hide. what this will do is make Rocketdock disappear, but if you go to the top of the screen... ...or wherever you have Rocketdock it will show up. You have to put your mouse wherever Rocketdock is then it will show up. See now I can access my address bar. And another thing that Rocketdock does is, it will minimize your windows to it. If you have that setting on. Instead of showing up down here when I push minimize... will show up on Rocketdock. See there is my window. Then I can click on it and open it. And if I right click on the window, I can close the window, and I can access my Rocketdock. And this was a tutorial on how to get Rocketdock.

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Posted by: lucaskaratekid on Mar 4, 2009

How to Download Rocketdock For Your Computer

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