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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 1)

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Venus Project World Lecture Tour. Lisbon, Portugal, 2010. Roxanne Meadows & Jacque Fresco Interview - First question, I would like to ask you both is to make a report of the status, at the moment. You are doing the World Lecture Tour 2010. So, how is it going and when it will be ended, so that after we publish this information, everyone could know where you'll go after, ok? That will be the first question. It will be a report of The Venus World Lecture Tour of The Venus Project, at the present moment. Ok, Roxanne? - Sure. - I would like. - We're maybe about a little less than half way through the tour. We're away for seven months, going to another country every week. And, so far, I guess we've been to about thirteen countries. Maybe more lectures than that, 'cause we've done about two countries...two lectures in New Zealand and four in Australia. But, they've been extremely well received and the members of the Zeitgeist Movement are always very enthusiastic to have us there and it's been really... refreshing to us too and invigorating just to see all that. And people who know about the Movement and have a good background with the materials. It's been really wonderful to see. But we... we've sold out practically every lecture and the membership has increased a great deal after each location. So, I think it's been going very well. And we've got a lot of press and even some mainstream press, which is very difficult to get, it's very contrary to what's going on out there. - Perfectly. Just, you could say to us, what countries are you going after, so we could publish... - I'll have to look at the list. You want me to look at the list? - No, no, don't worry, don't worry. - I really don't... - Next one is Spain. - We're going... wait, I'll tell you. - No, no, no, don't worry. We would like to make another questions. Here, in Portugal, we are exploring the differences in the relations between the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. So, we think the Zeitgeist Movement is for education... is for education. And The Venus Project is responsible for the transition. I would like to hear from... the words from yourselves, what difference can we put between The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project and the relations, very... - Well, I don't know if there that much difference between The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. I always look at them as kind of one and the same. It originated when Peter Joseph did the film Zeitgeist and a lot of people came to him and said: "Where do we go, what do we do?" He said: "I don't know." So, I sent him Jacque's book, The Best That Money Can´t Buy, and he came out right away, and filmed for his next film, and he came several times to The Venus Project center, in Venus, Florida, to learn about the direction. And, about a year later, he came out with Zeitgeist Addendum, and, since... The Venus Project had already, had a background with the name, The Venus Project. We'd been written about all over the world, not touched in the United States, where we live. But... So, we had been doing The Venus Project for about, I guess, twenty years, since we'd moved to Venus, Florida but it was... We'd been working before that, under another name. So, we left the name, but since Peter had such a... a good response to the name Zeitgeist, he started The Zeitgeist Movement, and left the name, because he had so much recognition with his films, but he states in the very beginning that the Zeitgeist Movement is the activist arm of The Venus Project. So, we're working towards the one and the same, - Exactly. So, if I may synthesize, if you agree. The Zeitgeist project...the Movement and the Project are the same, ok? - Yes. - You... It's a statement, because for us it's important to see where each entity stands and those are good words you can give to us, to see that everything is mixed. - Well... - Excuse me, I will tell you just one thing. Is... because lots of time we think Zeitgeist Movement is educating the people, ok? And The Venus Project is making the transition with the technology solutions and so on. And so, I would like to synthesize that you are only... we are only one and we are all the same. - Yes, I think so. We're working towards the same direction. Jacque has worked on this direction all his life. And we call it The Venus Project since we moved to Venus, about twenty years ago, but he has laid out a social direction that I've been working towards with him, 'cause I felt it was more significant than everything I ever heard and I had the opportunity to learn about it with him directly. So, we have been working out for the last thirty five years, together and he has an entire social direction to move towards, anything... unlike anything that's gone before and he's worked with people and drug addicts and alcoholics learned how to change their values. He's worked out a new total value system that's appropriate to this direction. So, when Peter found out about it he also felt it was the most significant direction to work towards. So, The Zeitgeist Movement is an organization to educate people about this, so is The Venus Project, because me make books and videos and we use each others... You know, the websites are very much similar. We have the same things on both websites, but is just kind of a different name. So, The Zeitgeist Movement is a place to organize people, to educate people and to introduce them to this direction. And there are members all over the world that... which started Chapters all over the world of...naming it The Zeitgeist Movement. And, when we go and lecture, it's the different movements, in each country, that are sponsoring us, helping to get venues and to advertise for the lectures. So, we're all working together, towards a common direction. - Thank you very much, because those words are the words we needed to hear to feel as the only... only one thing. And I will make you just some questions about the... the transition and some technical issues. Not to spend much time, but I would like to ask if... if the world gets blown by a meteor and the monetary system collapses we want to understand if the Resource Based Economy is a pacific arriving decision or if... how can it occur and if we have to press that information? So, I would like to ask if we have the technology to be, now, in a Resource Based Economy and how can we make that click to go to a Resource Based Economy? We, as portuguese, living our lives, ok? Do I made myself clear? - Yes. We've had the technology to do this, since 1927, when we develop mass production, I think about 1926, but, do you wanna talk about the transition or you want me to? - You can talk about it. - We... Now, is the time we feel that is necessary and urgent to talk to people about this direction. They have to learn about this direction, 'cause it's unlike any direction that's gone before. As I mentioned, it's not communism, socialism, free-enterprise system, free-enterprise. Free-enterprise system. I don't know that's the word. It's not free-enterprise or capitalism or fascism, but it's based on science and technology applied to the social direction. It's essentially nobody's wishes or aspirations but the intelligent management of the Earth's resources. It's not scientists telling people what to do, but the methods of science, that's quite different, to organize our society... for the end goal to benefit people and the environment. So, the transition, we feel really won't occur, until the system start to collapse and they are on their way out. The United States just bailed out the automobile companies, the banks, the corporations that caused the problems in the first place, in the United States. They gave them all the taxpayers' money. This is not gonna work, because we have no product to compete with other countries. We're a service nation, essentially. And we're printing more and more money, which has no backing what so ever. The system is gonna collapse and it is collapsing in other parts of the world as well and we've seen this, as we've been going around, specially Greece. They're angry as hell, they're protesting in the streets and they don't know what to move toward. So, the Greek Chapter is very, very active. They have scientists, they have businessmen supporting this, because of the conditions of this society and this is happening all over. So, now, it's the time to introduce something else, that benefits everyone. It doesn't hurt anybody. We feel that the wealthiest people of today would live better in a Resource Based Economy, but they just don't know it. So, our aim and we feel that everybody's aim should be to introduce this direction, learn as much as you can about it, to identify with it and then talk to others.

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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows

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