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лондон 33

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We're in the center of London, it's so pretty here That's Big Ben there It's beautiful, different form what you see on pictures and videos It's so awesome here That's London Eye we are heading to Edward:We're riding on London Eye, right? Zeus:Yeah, let's go, is it the biggest observ. wheel in the world?Or Europe? Seized:Biggest in London "Banter" Zeus:I like it here man Edward:We can rent a bike Zeus:I mean, we can Zeus:I would ride it Edward:It's £2 for an hour, and free for 30 mins Zeus:Free?I feel an urge to steal it "High-level singing skills" Zeus:You want to get yourself something?(to seized) Zeus:Man they are price, I smell bullshit Zeus:I like this one though Zeus:Let's go guys, don't stop here Zeus:Bless you mate Zeus:That's a lot of people in here Zeus:This wheel is huge Zeus:That's some 90s shit here Zeus:She doesn't let me shoot Zeus:I seriously feel like I'm in the 90s right now Edward,Zeus:This scam is so old Zeus:How to scam tourists for dummies Zeus:These guys are seriously covering this shit up Zeus:Wow how did you lose that /s ROFL Zeus:I just ruined their business Zeus:Business district Zeus:There it is Zeus:Hopefully no 2 hour lines Seized: I don't think there will be a big line Seized:Starix told me to stay here Starix:It's a 30 minute wait "Listen to this beautiful voice" Seized:Eh, I don't think it's worth it Seized: Probably around an hour of waiitng Edward:This guy told me it's not more than 5 minutes of wait Zeus:15 max "Discussing the approximate wait time" Zeus:We should get tickets, we are here anyways, the cabins are huge and can fit lots of people Zeus:Let's go Zeus:Come on guys, I think it's worth it, you can see the whole London from it Zeus:Edward, where are you going? Edward:I thought it was there Zeus: I don't even know Zeus:Ticket office makes quite a lot of money Zeus:Billions Zeus:That's what I call a legit ticket office Edward:I want to ask about the FastTrack(no line service)

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Posted by: iamfish007 on May 19, 2015

лондон 33

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