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ACS SciFinder Demo

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[SciFinder® One-Click Searches] ACS Publications has partnered with CAS' SciFinder® to provide one-click searches from the ACS Web Editions platform to article details within SciFinder®. From the abstract or full-text HTML version of any article, you can quickly find an article's reference details, substances, reactions, and cited and citing articles as well as information on the article's authors, research topics, and patent information. From the abstract or full-text HTML, you can click through to the Reference Details in SciFinder®. This will provide you with a quick overview of the key concepts and substances in an article, as well as a road map for other SciFinder® resources. You can also choose Get Substances to learn more about substance properties, related articles, or to find regulatory information, registry numbers, and commercial sources for substance purchase. When developing a synthesis plan, you can connect to SciFinder® to learn more about an article's reactions and find associated references and yield information as well as perform searches limited by reaction role and number of steps. If you want to get an overview of the full scope of the topics discussed in the article, you can visit SciFinder® to get additional details and download the references of cited and citing articles to your citation manager. Or you can search SciFinder® for more articles by a particular author or scientific research topic. For patent information, you can select to narrow your search to patents only. [ACS Publications] [Most Trusted. Most Cited. Most Read.]

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Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: acsvideo1 on Nov 13, 2012

Demo for ACS SciFinder.

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