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So here's...what we want. You just... Kirk's home solo. Any comment? Shall we try the other one? It's the way I hear it. It's pretty simple. The second one... feels lively, and feels like it's playing off the music. The first one feels like it's... something that's composed and kinda laboured over, and kind of thought out. Sometimes, when you have to kind of sit around and wait, you know, whatever... you kind of get into the places where you overthink it. I think what we're going for here is so much more of a lively moment than something where we keep going back to the flaw all the time, and try to make sure that that human element is there. And so, the second one, it sounds like you're playing with the music, and with the rest of us, where the first one sounds exactly like you're sitting in a room by yourself - thinking and overthinking, you know. - Yeah... - To me it''s really apparent. - I would agree with that. - The stuff that's on the computer, it's all sketches. - I know. You know... It's know... It's more so that..."OK, at this bar I'm gonna play this lick,"... - No, no, I understand totally... - You know...I'm not saying fly that onto the... Oh, no, no, no. I'm just looking to see, like, what some of your newer ideas... when you are sitting in your room, listening to the track, what it sounds like, sort of know... - fresh from rehearsals... - Mm-hm...'s all going down, you're in the room, everyone's hanging out... - It kinda sounds definitely sounds funner. - Mm-hm. I think that...history has dictated when we've done this that... when you're here, you're in the moment, and you're playing, you...sort of have your starting point and then it always gets better. It always goes someplace where it's more...immediate and feels livelier - and it feels more dangerous... - I mean, that's how you can look at all this stuff. - As a starting point. - To me... I hear this thing as a total kind of John Sykes-y kind of ripper - where it just continues to rip the whole way through, because it's so short. - Mm-hm. This is probably the shortest guitar solo on the whole record. This song probably has the least... open solo-ing of any of the fourteen, off the top of my head. So I hear this one as just... full-on, and to put that kind of section in there...that that's... That that's worked out would probably suit... ... that has three minutes of continuous solo. That's the middle minute, much better than this thing. - Do you know what I mean? - Mm-hm.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 28, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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