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Rearview Camera

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Hi, everyone! My name is Taylor McGlone. And, I'm the certified Technology Expert here at Burns Hyundai. The feature I wanted to show you today is the backup camera which comes standard on almost all of our Hyundai vehicles. Now, as I'm looking at the screen right now, it is the seven-inch touchscreen. What I'm going to do is I'm going to put the car in reverse. And, this is the screen that we're going to look at. Now, every backup camera comes with dynamic guiding lines. So, as you see me turning the steering wheel, the car – the lines are actually going to show you where the car is moving. And the blue lines indicate steering facts, so if you want to align the steering wheel. Another feature that some of the backup cameras come with is if you have Blind Spot Detection on your vehicle, you also have the feature called Rear Cross Traffic Alert. So, right now, we're looking at the camera. And obviously, we do have a fence behind us, but if you were about to back out of a parking spot and the car detected an on-coming object that was not yet picked up by the rearview camera, you're going to get a beeping. And, on the screen you're going to see an arrow point to the left or to the right, and that's how you're going to know which way that object is coming. Now, the car that we're in right now is the Tucson Value Edition, which comes equipped with a parking sensor. So, as I start to reverse a little bit, you're going to start to hear a beeping. So, once we hit this red line which indicates about one foot from the bumper – that's the beeping that you're going to get. Some of our vehicles do come equipped with the parking sensor. So, the closer that I'm going to get – [Beeping sounds] you're almost going to get something like a flat line that's letting you know that basically you should put the car in Park at that point. The backup camera is really easy to use. Obviously, we do recommend looking out of both of your side mirrors and your mirror at the top. But that’s basically it. I just wanted to give you a little bit of a gist of how the rearview camera works. If you have any questions, give us a call or stop in to see us. And, just remember, Burns treats you best.

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