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Roger Tsien Interview - What is your favorite molecule?

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But that’s a bit like asking: “What is your favorite child?” I have several favorites. Obviously the fluorescent proteins, but there’s hundreds of them now, you see. There are different variations, there’s some of my favorites. There are also a whole bunch of molecules that we have worked on that are much smaller, that we made from scratch, whereas the fluorescent proteins really were... ...created by jellyfish and corals, and we’ve adapted them and modified them but we didn’t invent them. I obviously have a sweet spot for the molecules that measure calcium, that made the beginnings of my scientific reputation. And I hope that the molecules we are working on to help cancer... ...diagnosis and therapy will go somewhere, so they have to be my current favorites... the sense that those are the ones that we’re most actively working on. I don’t know what sort of “adults” they will grow up into, though. Just as with children, you know that children can grow up and... ...suppose you had a family in which one family member was a movie actress, extremely good-looking, extremely famous, but you might have another member of the family who was just a school teacher... ...and who had to overcome more handicaps and who was not famous... ...but doing great work with children. Which is your favorite? The one that’s famous to the outside world? But you have to ask: who’s actually being a more idealistic and... ...shall we say, altruistic person? It might well be the teacher, not the movie actor. So there’s different ways we judge people, just as there are different ways we judge molecules, and...’s hard to say that just one is the favorite on all grounds... ...because everybody’s got their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Posted by: locumele on Dec 15, 2009

Nobel Prize winner Roger Tsien interviewed for MoleClues. Entire interview available on

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