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Little boy story after the tsunami - Chile

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- Tell us what you felt when the earthquake occurred? - It was dangerous. I had a stomachache. I had a stomachache. - Were you sleeping? Yes. I was woken up. I went up you know how I went up the hill? I had to go up, I went up barefoot, no underwear. Help seems to be coming to town, Victor. What? A truck with sleeping bags, tents and all that stuff just passed by!... ....they didn't stop, it just run away!! - Didn't it get to your place? - No. It didn't stop! We..we were over there... ...and it didn't stop! It just went away. We, and we, and we didn't get any sleeping bags, we are also in need of blankets... ...things like that. But it just passed by! And we couldn't stop it. - Where are you taking us right now? - To my school. Right here. - Have you heard from your classmates? - No, I have not. - No. - But I have heard from Belen, Naty, from them, yes. But they are fine. They are ok. - Good. Show us your school. Where are we now? - This is the dining room. Here is the dining room,'s all, it's all ruined. - And what was the food like? - Not so good. - Why? - Beans looked black... ...and pasta was sticky. - You didn't like it? - No. I didn't like it that much. - Why? - No, it's just, it's was good food. ...but indeed food was pretty bad, it was tasteless... had no it was for... - What was food for? - It was for...for...learning more and...having better memory. - This was the...the...the 3rd and 4th grade classroom...''s all's all destroyed. - there any girl you like? - No. - Why not? - Mmm...I am still so young for that. - But I guess there was a lovely one . Kind of. But before, time ago...she's gone. - Oh, really?, what was her name? - Her name was Susana. - And did you like about her? - Her face... ...and the way she talked. - Did she speak lovely? - Yes. - How did she? - I haven't got her voice! - So, Victor, would you like your school was reconstructed somewhere else, not here in Iloca?... ...I mean you were told your school would be built somewhere else, or do you want it here? - I don't mind. Because there are many other school which are ok after the quake. - I see. - And that's all. So. - Would you already like start school, wouldn't you? - Yes. I would. Regardless of I am not good at, as I said, not very good at reading and things like that. But you... ...never have to miss classes for a situation like this. - Did you already have your uniform? - No, I did not. Luckily we didn't buy it. I am showing you the offices. That is the office. The teacher's office, that's it. There they keep things, and we were given pens too. They gave us things we didn't have. - Is there where you were taken when got punished? - No. We don't have anything to lock up punished ones. Who gets punised, has no break. - Hey, you are going to be famous! - Why? - You are going to be on the media.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Pablo Gandara Barros - Abraham Galaz Quezada
Director: 3TV
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Posted by: enriquevc on Mar 11, 2010

Little Chilean boy Victor Diaz describes how the tsunami was and what life has been after.

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