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Lenny Kravitz Projet .

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Now let`s talk about the new single “Stand” and the video Well is about a friend who became paralised on the waist down . and I wasn´t in the country when this person was very close friend of mine, like a brother... and i, i wanted to do something, to transmit least a good energy, because that was all he could do you can pray, you can help somebody just trying to give it positive vibration and so, I wrote him this song, that´s I can give it now. And in the present, today thanks God is walking and actually back on his feet which is the whole video about. The video is really fun, it’s total comedy I don’t think people gonna see this were coming . But I play three characters in the video The all video is based on a game show how like a “Let`s Make Deal” a programme who my grandmother was watching when I was a kid. This song talk about people who losing things things and confront it it but in a completely commercial way and is really funny to play different characters. Is important for you that your songs be positive? If is important that my song to be positive? It´s that I say, I need to do and I have to do ... ...but they just transfer me and I feel good when I´m representing this message. I feel good, positive and optimist, is something natural for me. Do you feel you are still growing both musically and spiritually? Oh, completely, I feel like I`m just beginning I don’t feel like I`m done anything yet He stop growing when you dead, I think. I have a lot to learn, a lot to do and spiritually that’s even deeper. That`s the beautiful life, to continue forward. Do you feel that you still growing up musically and spiritually? My plans of the rest of the year are to tour, to tour, to tour. I have a lot of things to doing in the tour. I have some much new music to play I´m making a film called “Huger Games” . ” I´m doing a lot of designee work with my designer company “Kravitz Design” doing a big tour in Miami, doing the interiors for forty-seven floors. The presidential suit floor Ritz hotel in Miami which Philippe Strack is doing and they entrusted me to do it and a lot of furniture products products and I also doing photography which I`m really implied trying... preparing for to 2012 in Paris, in L.A. , in New York. Is being a father the hardest job? No that´s being a father is the most pleasurable, well I don´t need to call a job Is the most pleasurable expience .I´ve got a great kid who is just incredible , I can't describe it. She is my best friend we´re extremely close we talk several time to day and we´re always togheter togheter and I learn a lot from her. Which is the best advice that they have given you ? The best adivice to given me it´s to be myself what my family taught to be Just be yourself, be true to your self.

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Posted by: susiliflus on Nov 14, 2011

En el video se ve una entrevista a Lenny Kravitz

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