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Paul MacHenry

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You'll actually be able to film some of the history today as well, the removal of one of the presses. Well, all three will eventually go out within a months time, we finish in 31 days. Those 2 units are going up to one of our other sites in Newcastle. They'll be utilised there, the rest of the presses will probably go to scrap. I've been in the printing game for 45 years and I've been in the press hall for about 7. I originally started my time as a Slate Camera Operator - the actual photographic side of the trade. Photo mechanical it was called in those days, started on on glass negatives, then on film. There are 3 basic ways of printing, letter press, litho and gravure. Gravure is the highest form of printing. You would use that for magazine work, for high screen or glossy work. Then you've got web offset which is a transfer from a plate to a blanket to the paper. So you start off with a positive image, negative on the blanket, positive on the paper. And then you've got letter press which is what we used to print before we put these presses in and that's literary a percussive way of printing, if you cut a shape in a potato, put it in paint, hit it onto a piece of paper - that's letterpress. This is the top tear, this is where you can see all of the units and all of the paper coming up the centre of the units and then on it's web lead, picking up each of the pages, until all the pages come together at the folder. I'm sad that printing will finish on Merseyside, when you think that for me anyway, there's been 3 generations. My father was here, I've been here and my son was here, he's now gone to Oldham That's three generations of my family. And because we were originally a family business owned by the Jeans, we tended to have families work here. So I'm not the only one who is third generation, there's some fourth generation guys here. So yeah, on a personal thing it's sad. On a personal thing on the other side, it's come at the right time for me - I'm 62. and I've had the best years out of print. As I say, when we spoke before, I still take great pleasure in watching a press take off I really do. Watching ink on white paper for me is still amazes me.

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Posted by: mrjonesy on Dec 12, 2009

In August, the printing of the Liverpool Post and Echo moved out of the city to a super site in Oldham. I caught up with Paul MacHenry who is part of a 3rd generation working in the printing trade. Since the move he has now retired after 45 years in the business.

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