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ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 7

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Reputation -- it takes a long time to build it. And it can take you hours to destroy that reputation. [♪ Instrumental Pop music playing ♪] ArcelorMittal inside transformingtomorrow Episode 7: Reputation May 2007 Cannes, France ArcelorMittal launches its brand ArcelorMittal [Audience clapping] [♪ Rock music playing ♪] But one year on, what is ArcelorMittal's reputation? It has been incredible what we have achieved in the last 12 months. Aditya Mittal CFO and GMB, ArcelorMittal I think globally it's recognized as a force of dynamism. I think the whole concept of bold has worked -- the concept of leadership, quality, sustainability -- have all flown through, and I think the whole execution and the appreciation of the brand, has been an amazing development. ArcelorMittal has really created the steel industry as it is today. Nicola Davidson, VP Corporate Communications, ArcelorMittal If you look at the steel industry today, it's healthy, it's profitable, it's sustainable. Only 5 to 10 years ago, no one expected that to be the situation. Today, we have demonstrated -- through our R and D, through our new steel grades, through lighter steels, through better steels -- that in fact, steel is the material of the future. Michel Wurth, GMB ArcelorMittal We are diversified. We have products which cater to different segments of the market. Malay Mukherjee, GMB, ArcelorMittal We are geographically in both the developed and developing world. And I think all this is our strength. We want to be the most admired steel company in the world. Gonzalo Urquijo, GMB, ArcelorMittal For that, we have to have the best people coming out of universities, we have to retain talent, we have to have an excellent relation with all our stakeholders. May it be a customer, may it be a shareholder, with our communities. And for that, I think reputation is essential. CR is part of the reputation of the company, of course. Remi Boyer, VP Corporate Responsibility, ArcelorMittal Because we must deliver strong records, and strong performance in CR to get a good reputation. Environmental, health and safety, social dialogue, good governance -- it's really kind of a holistic approach. Branding and reputation are strongly linked with each other. When we speak about sustainability, when we speak about quality, and when we speak about leadership, that's all about reputation of the company. Summer 2008 sees the launch of a brand new advertising campaign [♪ Rock music playing ♪] We're doing up a new print campaign for ArcelorMittal. Andy Glass, Photographer It's a series of four images. The main focus we're doing is working around the idea of boldness that ArcelorMittal can bring to certain environments. The advertising campaign is about our spirit. The strapline is boldness changes everything, because we really believe that it's our bold approach to doing business that's helped ArcelorMittal grow into the company it is today. What we had last year -- we had a very simple concept of showing boldness before and after. Emlyn Korengold, TBMA This year, we're showing basically how an equation can come to life. End plus Boldness = Beginning We are today the world's most admired metals and mining company, but the list does not stop there. We want to be among the top -- in terms of the world's most admired companies. Our public standing needs to be stronger. I think it's good, and people understand and appreciate what ArcelorMittal is, but there's a lot more that we can do. The best asset we have is the people. We have the 320,000 members of the ArcelorMittal team, so I do think we will be able to have the best reputation. I'm convinced of it.

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Posted by: zad on May 21, 2008

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