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DAVID WILCOCK - Return to Camelot 2/15

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) return to space-time, and you have now time traveled. It is just not the future, you can actually travel into the past. If you travel in the direction thath the earth is rotating, and you traveled ahead where the earth was rotating when you left, you are going to end up in the future, because you now remerge in space-time ahead of where the earth was on this timeline when you left. If you travel west, that's into the past; east is the future, west is the past. And again, it's gonna sound ridiculous, and for those who are uneducated to blast me on the internet and say that I'm full of it. But the fact of the matter is that this is very much probable stuff, I've had people write me and say that the science in 2012 enygma is ridiculous, well go to, read Dewey Larson's books, becuase there is several of them, and find out for your self how he breaks down every single problem in quantum mechanics and shows you've got to have three dimensional time. So all we are saying is, if you can get over into time-space, it's going to look like everything does here because every atom and molecule around me right now is here becuase it's exchanging with time-space so there is time-space stuff in every place around me, that means all this stuff exists as a parallel structure in a parallel universe and when you go over there it becomes your three dimensions of space it's going to look the same because the energy of it is the same energy that's in space.time. Now, here is where it gets really confusing. If it's not already confusing. See, in my mind I don't have to worry about this stuff. It comes in very naturally. You actually have an energetic pair to your physical body which is in timespace, ok? But there are all these bonuses that your energy body has in timespace that your physical body doesnt have here, what I am literally telling you is that every noke and crainy, every little funny fold of your brain exists as a parallel, energetic structure, that is coupled with the cells in your brain, that interfaces with the cells in your brain that interfaces with every molecule of DNA in your body and that is where all thought procesess are actually ocurring. They are not occurring in your nervous system at all, in terms of intellect. The body does produce certain forms of thought You have autonomic nervous system, you have the cerebell that keeps you form falling over, makes sure that you balance by working with the fluid in the chamber of your ear. You have all the basic systems that are going to make sure that your heart is beating, that your lungs are breathing, that your eyes are not taking in all the information perifically so that you can focus on what you are looking at, you have a screening mechanism that is going to screen out background noise so that if there is a television on and someone is talking to you, you are going to listen to them talking and not hear the television. You are not going to hear all the input in wave at the same... Those types of things are biologically driven systems, the body makes those "thoughts" for you. But all of the actual intellect, all of the thinking that you are going to be doing in your mind is not in the body at all. You have a parallel body, a parallel brain, a parallel nervous system that is that is an energetic nervous system. but it doesnt look like your physical body, because your physical body doesnt billions and billions of strings coming out of it. It doesnt have an instantaneous energetic conection that you can visibly see to everything else in its environment. What I am asking you to visualize as strings is actually a simple energy field and in timespace you are part of that energy field and your mind is not simply that which is created within your own energy field it very much is affected by all these other things that are around you including the thoughts of other people. The very fascinating case of Norman Mailer, famous novelist who wrote a novel called "Barbary Shore". In this novel he starts out writing about one main character and gradually changes the novel to write about a Russian spy. The Russian spy becomes the focus of the entire novel. It goes into great detail. Within the same week he finishes "Barbary Shore" a Russian spy was arrested in this same building that he was living in, just up the stairs and down the hallway. Now, does this mean that there was a conduit that was going through the air vent, so he could hear what this guy was saying? Of course not. What it does mean though, is that that man was so emotionally charged because he was at the edge of his rope, he knew that he was going to get caught tha his mind was sending out signals and Norman Mailer's mind is an energetic phenomenon, which is sensitive to its environment and picked up the signals that were being generated. Now again, I talked about the experiment where buckyballs are shot through a hunbdred nanometer grade, a little tiny slit they turn into a wave by just hitting the grade, it's like it made some flip inside-out, and go from space-time where they are a particle into time-space. That solid particle, which has a 120 atoms in it, it's not jus like some tiny little thing, it's a ball, it's got structure, it's got form, it's go shape. It literally popped out of our space-time entirely, it flipped over into a realm where time is "three dimesional", space is "one dimesional" and it smears out, it's partly in the past, it's partly in the present, it's partly in the future And in that state it looks like a wave because you can't measure where the thing is anymore. So now, get a note of this. The DNA molecule is only slightly wider than a buckyball, which means that the DNA molecule is also subject to quantum effects, in which the molecules within you DNA are phasing between being here in space-time and being in time-space, where they actually are streched out through linear time, and they are sensitive to all the energy fields around them. Now again, this is science, all we are doing is that we are starting with Einsteins's relativity, we are saying that if you move through space you move through time, the faster you move through space, the faster you are traveling through time. In time-space you can move not just in the future but into the past, as well depending in which direction you are traveling. The Russians have indentified the "Time-Field", which means that if you speed up the time field in a small area time will run faster or slower in that area compared to eveything else around it. They've got lots of experiments where little wrist-watches and stuff where they put them in the time field makes it speed up or slow down. Now, pyramids are one of those things that will make those watches change speed so a pyramid is an actual symbol of something that will cause change to occur, a pyramid is a symbol but it's also a technology, it's also a machine. The symbol of the pyramid is that which is reaching up, it's something that is reaching for the heavens, it represents geometry, and there is geometry that makes this energy field of the time-field I'm talking about function. It's all based on geometry, it's more complex than we are gonna do in this presentation. But, the time field is something which not only affects the passage of linear time, it also affects the health of your body, the more of time field that's flowing through your body the healthier you are going to be, and paradoxically, the slower you are going to age. It's when the flow of the time-field stops that you move out of eternity, that you move out of timelessness, it's when time stops through you, that you stop being an eternal being and you begin aging. Remember that scientific strudy that Deepak Chopra talked about in "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind". Where he gets a bunch of eldery people and he puts them in a room where it has the magazines of forty years ago, it has the radio broadcasts, it has all the furniture, all the... everything. What he found was that within a very short period of time all these people had a remarkable turnaround where they started reverse aging, they actually started getting younger in a way that is molecularly, biologically probable. That is because the time field started to flowing again, they started to have hope. The time field is that which gives you inspiration.

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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