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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~00:29:32 - 00:44:32

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― I arrived here later than I expected. ― Oh, ok. I am sorry. The escalator is going to slow down. Thank you. One bottle of milk. The small one. ― Would you like this one? -― This one is fine. Thank you. How much is this? ― It's ¥126. ― OK. 126 yen. Here you are. ― Thank you. Have a nice day. ― Thank you. ♫Cha, cha, la la la. I finally arrived home. Oops, this one. Oh no, did I leave all the lights on? Home. Sweet home. I wanna watch some TV. My feet hurt. Are they OK? I think they need a little more water. OK. It's hot in here. And it's humid. Yes, hello? I am home. Yes, I finally made it. Too much, too long. Yeah. What? I guess so. Yeah, it was fun. Oh yea, listen. Mr. Nagaya has a girlfriend now. Seriously. I am serious. What a surprise, right? No, I think it was yesterday I called him. He said "My girlfriend may come with me." I was like, "What?" I know. But she went home right after she arrived. She thought she was in the way or something since there were so many people. I know, so next time. And they were talking about going to Tokyo Disneyland. No, no all of us. All of us wheelchair members. I can't remember. I think... We are going with the person with the raincoat on. And Mr. Nagaya and Run. Also Eiko and Mr/Ms. Kanou. I am not sure of the rest. Yes. Nut can we get on rides? But can we get on rides at least once? We are going to be like that. We are planning on it. I hope we can go. Them? Yeah, they are still here. They will be here until 8am tomorrow. Wish me luck. No, it's just fine. Not really. As usual. I am relaxed. Oh yeah? ♫Cha cha, la la. Oh ok. They make you work a lot, huh? Yes, very much. I am going to take shower and I have some homework. I need to start working on it or I may get in trouble. But I am not really concerned about it. I need to care about tests, not homework. By the way, everything is going through this mic. They can hear all of our conversation. That's right. What? Why? Being lazy. No, you can't! What did you do today? Red color and... Mr/Ms Yokoi made some origami cranes. For these camera crews. He/she did a great job. It's not an ordinary origami crane. It looks different... Like... How can I say this? If you open the wing, it spreads out in a fan-like form. She made it for everybody. She said "Don"t they look traditional Japanese?" And I was like, "Wow, thank you." It looks beautiful.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera
Views: 94
Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 29, 2010

Rumi at home.

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