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2019 - Marcia FAUGHT

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So we're here with Marcia today Marcia. Thank you very much for coming in meeting with us. My pleasure. Thank you for asking me. So why don't we just get started with how you got started. When was that and why did you decide to join Tupperware? I started in Tupperware. It will be 33 years ago in March and I started because I had gone to a party. The first one that I have ever gone to as an adult I was invited by a friend dated my own party had a great one was offered the opportunity at that time and it wasn't the right time for me. I'm no no salesperson university trained professional you know but then a year later I had another party. And at that time my circumstances have changed. I couldn't work anymore because I can't work around the anesthetic. We're just pregnant. So I said OK I'll give it a try for a few weeks or a few months till I get too big to fit through the doors and and it fit. I love the product. I love being able to make a positive difference for people in their homes. And that was back in the day when we just had bottles and containers that it wasn't until a few years later when we started cooking when ultra 21 came out that things really progressed and cemented in my mind that you know this is something I do enjoy. My mother always said I should have been a teacher and it turns out that she was right. And. Yeah, so I should have just kept on going when they gave me my free hand when I stepped up to manager. That was kind of it. And all the times that I've said you know maybe I should check something else. My husband said well what else would you do. Well true that. How many cars have you earned now? Oh my goodness. I've sort of lost count - I think I'm on my twenty third - Oh my God. I've had driven a free vehicle - for the last twenty eight years. - Wow. So yes it's been that in itself is a wonderful perk but then in addition to the money and the trips and the people and the friendships most of the people in my life I have met through Tupperware and you mentioned you started when you were expecting. - was that your first time? - Yes. Yes. So can you describe kind of what what having a Tupperware career meant for you as soon to be first time mom? Well it honestly made the world of difference. When I first when we were first talking about having kids oh I was going to go back to work and because I loved what I did I was an animal health technician and I loved it. I did. OK will have kids then go back to work. But once the baby was here I realized no I want to be home and Tupperware gave me that flexibility of schedule to be able to do so. And so while my kids were growing up I then had a daughter two years later and it allowed me to be the mom of the day. It allowed me to be home with my kids not have to wake them up to take them to a daycare and go off to work and squeeze in an hour or two of mommy and me time after work in the rush. And it allowed me to be part of their life a lot more and allowed them to experience me as a not only mom but as an entrepreneur as well that was making a positive difference. And interestingly my son has gone on to his engineer but he went on to do his Master's in clean energy engineering he's very environmentally focused as is my daughter she's nutritionally environmentally focused she has a doctorate in epidemiology and is studying nutrition in children and all of that a lot I think has a lot to do with Tupperware they were raised with let's reduce reuse recycle not even recycle so much but let's reduce reuse will you do your Tupperware eating healthily at home and taking plan overs and all of that that we did 30 years ago and twenty five and ten years ago before today when now it's back as the focus again and I couldn't be happier. So at your parties do you talk about sustainability?. Absolutely absolutely. Everywhere I go anybody I am really outspoken actually when I see people with with plastic water bottles you know the kind you buy from the stores and those people also offer me that. No I'm sorry. I don't believe in that on principle. I can't take that that I absolutely talk about sustainability about the microfiber towels I have in our own home we've not bought a roll of paper towels in 10 years as long as the microfiber tells a bit around. Minimize that to minimize use of disposable containers and even when I go to restaurant for example like a takeout Chinese where you would take a box like you know I take my crystal wave container and that's my box and they feel that and they appreciate it because it minimized their loss and minimizes landfill. And just on and on throughout the day. Everywhere that I talk and run into people and connect with them I definitely talk about invest in something once. Use it for a lifetime and minimize your impact on the environment. So how do you think that you being an entrepreneur has impacted your children as earlier you mentioned that they're interested in the environment more now? Absolutely. They have both grown to be very socially aware, environmentally aware they're they're strong willed but very positively and they want to make a positive difference in their respective careers and they want to be. They are both leaders as well in their respective careers. My son is now heading up the city of Vancouver - sustainability program. - We're really proud of. Oh very much so. He just got a new two million dollar increase to his budget. So he's he's doing incredibly well there and my daughter is working with a project with the Alberta government that it's called the tomorrow project that they are following. Fifty five thousand people through a 50 year timeline of how work and health and everything and impacts academics and and result in health and cancer and all of that. So again just. So you really helped shape their future? Very much so. And I give Tupperware a lot of credit not only the product itself but the opportunity that it has provided me to be a mom that's at home in their lives not to say that those who go back to work. It's not as good. Everyone has to do what works for them but for me it was huge for us being able to learn together I was able to go on field trips with them and learn with them and they were able to come with me when I was doing deliveries and customer callbacks and most of our friends or Tupperware people and so they kind of grew up with it and and saw how you can have that balance of work and home life and be able to positively impact the family income. And in and not as financial way but in more subtle ways of being there. - Being there, Yeah - yeah yeah. Being there. Are there products that you're most passionate about that you bring at your party? Absolutely. The stock cooker number one. The stock cooker has always been since it came out has always been my if I had to pick a product. I always said if my house was burning and I couldn't get another one I would rescue my stock cooker because it is the most versatile cooking system that we have that you can do so much in it and it makes such a positive difference. So the stock cooker for sure. Definitely any of the things that that contribute to sustainability like the venison serve and the crystalwave for your plan overs freezer mates fridge smart for sure that fridge smart from an environmental perspective people don't know that from the produce that is wasted or food in general that is not composted properly but just gets thrown in the garbage that that has become a huge environmental issue in Canada at least and I'm sure it's just as bad in the states that rotting food in the landfills is now becoming one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions which is a huge climate issue for which our successive generations are going to be paying the price. And so my philosophy that I will tell anybody that will stand still and listen to me which when you're passionate about something and make a lot of sense that people do tend to listen whether they choose to to take action on that is another thing. But but my thing is you know we can with Tupperware it's wonderful to me that not only can I make a difference in my home but if I can get others to make a positive difference in their home like fridge smart that if you can save twenty five percent on your food bill if you can not throw out all of that food it's a win win because people are going to be able to eat the food they buy they're going to keep the money in their pocket and they keep that food on the landfill which is then minimizing the huge climate issue which is going to be a huge global issue going forward unless we all one at a time collectively start doing our little part because collectively we can do more. I really think (inaudible) are one of our most - impressive products - for sure. I did not believe it until you started using. - Yeah - especially living alone people who have to buy bunches of things - at a time the way. - exactly And how often you don't want to have to go shopping every day like New Yorkers too they show up every day. But why spend that time. Why won't be able to eat the food that you buy. And I agree it's it's a product that makes the biggest difference biggest noticeable difference the fastest. Yeah. - So - So you've obviously had a lot of success in growing in your Tupperware career. How do you share that opportunity? I think the main thing that I project is just a passion for what the PRODUCT does for me in my home. I practice what I preach. I will only promote products that I use in my home that make a positive difference for my family and I think when people see that they feel a lot more comfortable about a try out the products themselves but also feel a lot more comfortable perhaps sharing them with others as well. And so talking about people being able to open their own Tupperware account you know you love Tupperware. Why not get it at the very best price. Get more of it. You like what you saw tonight and you're kind of intrigued by the other things that we talked about. Why not have those things in your kitchen you can to have them at the best possible price. And then if you like them you've got friends that like to eat they'd like to save money. They like to save time. They'd love to have an extra half hour in their day. Tell them about it too. And that makes sense. And so when you promote something not as a gimmick or commanding get this whole pile of stuff for a really cheap price. I don't promote it as a sale special that it's a way I've got a new tagline that I've made on a banner that I just made up for (didn’t get the word). And it says we have the tools to support your healthier, easier lifestyle. And who doesn't want that. So basically that's what I promote. Is that today's Tupperware has the tools to support your easier healthier lifestyle. (inaudible). So so we talked a little bit about the cars. - What about trips you've been on Tupperware? - Oh my goodness. Dozens of dozens of trips. And that's another of the wonderful perks that I have enjoyed over the years. And you've been able to take your family. Most definitely. Was just talking about how I'm working on my sixth wild trip and the last one that I took was here in Orlando with our adult children and their spouses. So it's a lot of fun traveling with your adult kids and so now we have four kids instead of two and we just had a blast and we want to come revisit it and do Universal Studios next time. See Harry Potter. So that's my dream. That was one of my biggest dreams fulfilled was to earn the Orlando Disney World trip to be able to take our four kids. So that was awesome. And oh yeah there's dozens. Norway and. Do you have a favorite?Monte Carlo. I think Ireland had to be one of my favorites because I love the country and also because after the Tupperware portion of the trip was over both of our kids our son was in Germany at the time doing a postgrad work abroad. And my daughter flew over from Canada and they met us and we had an extra week in Ireland. - So that was a lot of fun. - It is a beautiful country. It is a gorgeous country. And the Monte Carlo Italy trip was phenomenal. My husband and I stayed an extra week we always extended it out. And staying an extra week in in the Jupiter and Italy and Middle East,in France. So that was wonderful. There's Barbados where we jumped in a pool with the president years ago and the Norway trip which I almost didn't make. And my husband didn't get to go on because he discovered that he had a brain tumor two days before that and had surgery. But I was able to still go on the trip. He stabilized and he insisted I go and so I was able to face time him from a train going across Norway. And so it was memorable for a whole bunch - of different reasons. - He is ok now? That was three years ago and yes he's. He's about ninety five ninety percent and he is able to be back playing hockey two or three times a week. So he's come a long long away. - That's for sure. Yeah. - it’s good. So it sounds like your career has definitely impacted your family in a positive way. Hundred percent. And so how has it changed you? How have you grown since you started now?. - Oh my gosh. - All changed. Oh it is. When I came into Tupperware I my whole life I was going to be a veterinarian. And that didn't quite work out for me so I went into animal health but still have that path. And then when Tupperware came along I sort of way. Whoa. Off in a totally different fork in the road. Most unexpectedly. And if you had asked me 30 years ago you know where do you think you'll be 30 years from now. Sure as heck still wouldn't be with Tupperware and yet it has given me given me a new purpose. I think the,that I love the teaching aspect of it I love making a positive difference in people's lives. But I also particularly do love I've grown very passionate about the sustainability and and the environmentally friendly aspects of it that it can accomplish so much it can help people save money. It can help them save space it can help them save time and it gives people the tools to be more environmentally friendly as well into to lessen their impact on their footprint on the environment. And so I think it's allowed me to realize what my mother always saw that I should have been a teacher. Now just do teach in a different way but also to fulfill a passion that I didn't really know that I had and really wasn't a big thing back then. Twenty five years ago the environment wasn't a big deal but it certainly has become that way and I've become very passionate about it and Tupperware has allowed me to to grow with that so I have for my personal growth. I have become exponentially more confident self-confidence for sure. Certainly a lot that brings along a lot more perhaps being outspoken to some extent but I hope to see outspoken in the right ways of trying to make a positive difference (inaudible) not to be not to be miserable but just to be you know point out that you know this is something that you could do and always be respectful. But I do tend to be a little outspoken but I am confident about what we have to offer and what I can offer in my information and and it's it's helped me to, I think self-confidence has got to be the biggest thing that I'm very comfortable with where my life has gone. I am infinitely proud of my children and how they have turned out. I would say if I die tomorrow I would die happy because my kids are happy and they're wonderful people and what more you can ask. It’s really great. And so how would you describe the, describe the relationships you've made from your Tupperware? They too are almost infinite that I've got people that I have grown to there that I came to know from Tupperware that are still my good friends today. Sonya Blaney was my first distributor. When I she came and when I first starting Tupperware in 1986 it was summit party sales and then Sonya bought that distributorship out. She came from Victoria where she was a distributor she got a chance to buy oat summit and so she came became prestige and as soon as Sonya came I up until that time I didn't really care for the distributor we had. It was just a personality thing. I didn't like her she just wasn't the kind of person that I really cared to bend over backwards for. But as soon as Sonya came it was a totally different perspective. She had a totally different perspective on the business and how you do it and it really gelled and jived with what I offered and what I thought we should be doing. And so she has been my distributor and my mentor my good friend for 30 years and. And she was the one as soon as she came in I said yes I will be a manager under you. And two months later I was manager and had got my first vehicle and never looked back. So she she has been a huge mentor. Naomi who is my current business leader. I actually trained her on the microwave at her first conference that she came to. I was one of the trainers on microwave cooking at the time and trained her and we became colleagues and then she went away and distributor came back as our business leader and it's been a wonderful relationship ever since some of the people that I have on my team have been there for twenty five years my first recruit is still one of my directors now and she's been in 26 years. I've got friends that have been hosts and past consultants that are still friends. Most of the people that are in my life I trace back to getting to know them through Tupperware. So to be able to be more social and and it's been great for my husband too because he tends to be much more introverted than I that it he became part of the Tupper family as well and he really it is a family and I call it my Tupper family because it is it's all about the people that you meet whether their posts are customers or friends or mentors or whatever it's all about the people and (inaudible). yeah. very team and family oriented (inaudible). Absolutely. I would be lost without it and that's why I say I will never retire because that's my family. Don't leave your family. So how do you get through some of those more challenging moments.? You know maybe you don't feel like going to a party you don't feel like picking up the phone but what is it that motivates you to keep going? Well that is a good question because there have been days and months and even this past year two thousand eighteen which was not a good year for a lot of people and certainly not for our team. We had a lot of health issues and things beyond anyone's control that unfortunately took out several of my managers which in turn took up most of their teams and so it was a rather devastating year. So you think , Oh No, maybe I should just throw in the towel that personal pride I think is one of them that you know what if I'm I don't want to go out on a negative note and I don't want this month to go out on a negative note that if it's going to be up to anybody I can't expect anybody else to do it - but me. - It’s up to you. So it's a personal pride thing. I am one of the ones I'm the worst procrastinator in the world and so it does sometimes just take a real push for me to lock myself in my office and say you're not allowed to come out until you have called this list or until you dated two parties or so it just sometimes is sheer will. But it's a pride in in the team that I have built in the reputation that I have built over the years. I feel that I do have a lot of respect in this company and I have earned that. I work with honor and I want to work honorably in the business and doing that means that I work the business as it was intended which is I get to feel my datebook - and I got a party party and. - party party party Yeah and do those customer call backs and do those more do things and and all of those things that sometimes we definitely don't want to do. But ultimately I have found over and over and over and over again that once I make that like a perfect example the other day that I called did a customer call back from a message that was left at the studio and and met up with this guy and took care of his warranty and he placed a 300 dollar order. So and then another one called shoots warranty. Well sure yeah I'd love to have a party. And so I always say that the Tupperware is very kind to you when you show them that you're making the effort. And so I I continue to make the effort to. What has been your proudest or happiest Tupperware moment so far? Oh my goodness sakes, my goodness sakes. There's been so many I have to say. Probably one of my proudest moments was when our team was recognized for the Tupperware Hall of Fame for the third time in four years in can't remember the exact years I've got the plaques on my wall at home but we were recognized as the top team - in Canada for three out of four years. - Wow! And normally people get to be in the Hall of Fame which is still going on. If you get in at once. That's a good thing. Where our team made it for the third year and the last time was ones to Nova first came. So whatever years to Nova came first. That was the last year, - so seven years in (inaudible) - before twenty thirteen. Yeah. So I think it was 2011. So it was twenty eight twenty nine and 2011 that my high rollers team was recognized as the top team we were in the Hall of Fame. So I think that was probably one of the proudest moments that I had just having built a team that could be that consistent. And how about the future. What's your next big goal? Oh next big goal by the end of this year I'm going to earn another wild trip so I can bring my family back here to Orlando. I want to promote out a director, build up to where we were before and make a more positive make more positive impact on more people to get more people enjoying Tupperware in their own homes and experiencing a healthier easier lifestyle. So that's my big goal. Well do you have anything else you would like to add? I look forward to one of the things that I love most about Tupperware as well is the innovation that they continue to be innovative. I mean if we had just stuck with bowls and containers I wouldn't be here. But then the stock cooker came out - and then all the other - (inaudible: interviewee) information room my GoPro grill the micro program which is just sort of blowing the roof off. I have a hard time figuring out - how they're going to top that. Really. - Yeah. They really set the bar high for themselves there. But that's what makes me so proud to be part of this company is that I'm part of a company who will dare to do something totally outside the box because that's totally new technology - and Tupperware is going in the microwave. - Exactly. Nobody else does that. So to be part of the company that has made that happen because they have developed that themselves and innovated that that's one thing that I'm very very proud of and excited to see. I can't go anywhere. I've got to see where they're going to take it after the microwave where they can possibly go from here. Yeah. And I'm sure they've got something up their sleeve. We thought it was pretty good when the pressure cooker came along. So we'll see. So yeah that's that's something I'm excited about. Good, I really enjoyed hearing your story, - thank you so much. - Oh - I hope it wasn't too painful - Oh no, not at all. It's all good. I know it's easier when we're just chatting. Yes. Know I appreciate that very much. That's a whole lot easier a whole lot easier than having to make a powerpoint and have some tea. I did that last.

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2019 - Marcia FAUGHT

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