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The Hobbit, according to Elena

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We can certainly say that The Hobbit is a lovely introduction to a masterpiece sequel, and you should start with the first one before reading the second one. This enchanting tale was made up by Tolkien for the children, for his children, and once it was published it achieved enormous success. The story tells the adventures of a hobbit called Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo and a group of dwarves were called to an unexpected party at Bilbo's by the wise wizard Gandalf. Bilbo lives in a hole in the ground, and as any other hobbit, he likes peace and food and quiet and smoke ... and a pipe, and he dislikes adventures. He has never gone beyond Brandivino River. But things change for Bilbo after the meeting because he sets off on an amazing journey with fourteen dwarves and Gandalf's help They have to go to the distant mountain, called The Lonely Mountain, to recover a treasure stolen by the terrifying dragon Smaug to the dwarves. And, on the journey they run dangerous adventures, such as being captured by goblins under the Misty Mountains. And, in this place Bilbo meets the later famous nasty and hissing creature called Gollum. And it's where he finds the famous ring that makes him disappear when slipped on his finger. And they were also caught by trolls. Trolls are strange creatures that must be underground before dawn, otherwise they go back to the stuff of the mountains they are made of, and never move again. But, on the other hand, in this journey they also meet extraordinary characters like the elfs from Rivendell. And, Bearn, also called Carrock. He is strong and he is a skin changer; sometimes he is a huge black bear and sometimes he is a strong black-haired man. He lives in an old wood and keeps cattle, horses and bees, fierce bees, great fierce bees. But he never hunts and he never eats animals. He is the person who warns the hobbit and the dwarves against the perils of Mirkwood, where they run many more dangerous and weird adventures. This book is quite shorter than The Lord of the Rings, highly entertaining, and easy to read. At the same time, it displays all Tolkien's talent with a fluent narrative technique that takes the reader's mind to the world of fantasy the author describes. So, if you are a lover of fantasy and adventure, if you like this kind of books, this is a must-read, and of course, it is a real delight.

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Elena, from EOI Luarca, recommends to start with Tolkien from the beginning, with The Hobbit.

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