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Adopt a banker

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This is George George worked in a big bank in the city of London but, one day, without warning George's bank went bust Luckily the government rescued the bank and George kept his job, but the greedy government wanted something in return for their help They demanded a higher tax on George's salary and bonus For someone with a high cost life style like George a shot like this can be devastating Now George struggles to afford the rent on his riverside appartment in central London The tyres on his Aston Martin are wearing thin and they barely road legal. Unless George's situation improves or unless someone like you helps him And George may even be forced to walk past the next Savile Row tailors and buy his suit from Top Shop or NeXt. Even if George had anything to celebrate he could no longer afford the champagne to celebrate with George is not alone Countless others are suffering like him and no one knows how long it'll be until the good times return But, with your help, George can turn his life around A simple monthly donation from you can bring a bit of sunshine back to George's life Just £395 will help him celebrate minor achievements with a magnum of crystal champagne As little as £900 will help George buy a new set of tyres for his Aston Martin. £2000 can help George recover his self-esteem with a suit from the prestigious Savile Row tailors but even a small amount will help Just £200 will buy a meal for George and his girlfriend experience Just £200 extra will buy the drinks. By adopting a banker you won't just be supporting someone like George in a time of need, you'll also be supporting the trendy wine bars of the city of London the luxury car makers of Italy and the tailors of Savile Row You'll be doing your patriotic duty to support Britain's greatest industry in its time of need. And when the good times return and George gets his bonus back the taxes he pays will help fund the public services that the rest of you scroungers depend on So please, until the good times return for George and those like him, will you give today.

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Posted by: elviraeoi on Feb 11, 2013

Video on the economic crisis

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