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There's a video handset screen which is touchscreen as well. This complements seats which are a bit far away. So you can use your handset as a remote control as well. You can also touch the monitor from here. This works for the seats at the back. You have two USB ports. One high-powered in the front and one lower-powered in the back here. And here's the headset outlet Companion App, let me show you. Basically you need to have your personal iPad or Android tablet. For now it's a tablet so let me show you. So basically we need to connect to the onboard WiFi. In this case it will be KrisWorld. After which we will launch the Singapore mobile app which we will be launching soon. So basically what we need to do is to type in the seat number you're in. In this case we are in 31 G So this gives you a very precise, clear-cut instructions on how to proceed. You need to take the necessary steps to do the pairing. So once paired successfully, you can use it as a controller for the In-Flight entertainment system. So what this feature does is to allow passengers to easily look through the options that we have. One cool feature that we have on the ground, before you board, you can look through what we have and then start adding favourites to plan for what to watch on the aircraft. So once you've added it to your favourites, and paired it up to the system, you don't need to go through the browsing all over again. You can just straight away go through what you have and just proceed to play with it. Just execute the play button. You have the controls over here. You can forward, pause, fast forward, volume - increase or decrease. You can do multi-tasking as well. While the movie is playing, you can look through other areas. Like what you plan to watch next or listen to. Or at the same time, if you want to look at the progress of the flight, there's this flight info page that you can look through. So its more about giving the passengers ability to multi-task.

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