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CERVEZA QUILMES 2012 - #IGUALISMO - YouTube - Captioned - Dotsub

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It is been very hard to come where we are... Do you want to come back to where we started?... Do you want to lose your right to vote? We already gave up on Thursdays!... That's true! We already gave up on Fridays!... Does anyone... ...want to give up on something else? Nooo Nooooo! Look at this!... I'm with my friends... I love you!.. Sassy devil! I love you or I'm with my friends? You're not that awesome! She said last night... but what am I?... Am I a Messi?... Am I a magician? Since when? We are a fat ladies... but They?, They have a sexy belly. My friend's boyfriend gives her flowers! uuhhh! My friend's boyfriend takes her to the theater! uuhhh! Is it among us that boyfriend of a friend? Nooooooo When They dance with us it looks like they wearing a shackle... but now, when They dance with their friends, They all are a Gene Kelly... What's the story? Man arrived on the Moon... and now? We can't arrive at ten o'clock in the night because they kicked up a terrible row. Is there any docile woman among us? Noooo Noooooooo....... When you're with your friends she makes you a face... when I'm with her I make a face... with my friends I am the original. Yeahh! Let's no wait anymore.... ...they come to catch us. Let's gooooo! "indistinct screaming" Take me to the movies! Check all my messages and wreck my privacy... ...please. Give me all your underwear that I 'll wash it by hand This is a duplicate of my credit card, go to spend it. Compare me with your mother, honey. I love it. When chauvinism meets feminism... born the equalism... Quilmes The taste of the meeting.

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Posted by: jeidz on Oct 7, 2015

CERVEZA QUILMES 2012 - #IGUALISMO - YouTube - Captioned - Dotsub

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