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Masters of KAB. Class #2 : Reincarnation-Restriction-Pain TLE 85

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When we come back, because of a prior lifetime we didn't do the restriction at all, let's say so you know how much light was cut out from us, because of [hebrew] now we come back again, to connect with our light. The way we connect with our light is by restriction. This is what the process of a lifetime means. In other words, we're not here to suffer, we're here, on the contrary, for kabbalah. We're here to draw in this energy, that once was refused at [hebrew], because of bread of shame and by restriction we can remove bread of shame. So it's a process, by which I do begin to receieve. Not the opposite. So where there is suffering, it's a cleansing, it's a burning out. The tzadik understands the suffering, he is happy with it, because that's his form of restriction. In other words, at the point that he is suffering. Why is he suffering? What is suffering? Where the light didn't enter. There's a lack of light. Lack of energy. So he's suffering. At that moment he says "Ahh, what a pleasure." Because, once I did not restrict. And now he is restricting. In that case of a prior lifetime, he now says "Ahh, wonderful." By saying wonderful he is in effect restricting. So now he renews the generating. Now the energy begins again to flow. Who says... When they've brainwashed us into removing the pain. Now you don't know what's wrong. So you come to the doctor. What is the first question he asks you? [hebrew] Where does it hurt you? Always! Pain is a wonderful thing. Pain is only an indicator, at that moment, of your prior lifetime. Sometimes you want to know what happened before, right? When you have pain in a certain condition, you know, that's where you failed, at that particular time, in a prior lifetime. So pain is not... pain can tell you so many things not only can it tell you where it's hurting, but why it's hurting. Because why are you back here? Because in a prior lifetime Because of the [hebrew], [hebrew] set in. cut off the electrical flow. So you know why you came back? To pay for all the bad things I did. Yes, but that's a secondary cause. The primary cause is that because when you stole or you murdered in a prior lifetime. The light was cut off from you. And the light wants to come in and you could not accept it, because [hebrew] prevented you from recieving, so you're back again now to make sure that you're going to receieve that light. So when the next opportunity for murder or stealing or whatever comes up, now you'll restrict and now you'll get back the light.

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Reincarnation-Restriction-Pain TLE 85

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