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New Moon of Leo Welcome to the month of Leo, the Hebrew month called Av. This is probably one of my favorite months of the entire year. Firstly, because it was the Rav's month he was born in the month of Leo and he was a Leo with every sense that you can imagine. If one understands the Hebrew word AV, it means father that is a father for many many reasons you know that the sun controls how the planets move. It is because of the Sun that the Earth exists. Our Earth as a huge rock that all it wants to do is fly away, but because of the sun, with its gravity, draws it back, it keeps its orbit. Av, father of all the months. However, it is considered also one of the 3 negative months of the year. We have Tammuz and Av and Tevet We have Cancer, Leo and Capricorn considered if you will "negative"... But let's go into that a bit. First of all, let me explain to you that when you have a month the effect of that energy, if you're not a Leo or if you have any of your planets in Leo it will affect you in different ways in accordance to the places that it sits within your birth chart. Even though we are not Leo in terms of our birthday, we do get the effects of what's happening around us. It's sort of like living in an environment you are not particularly involved in, let's say, an argument that is going on around you but get the effects of that, spiritually you are connected. Now, let's talk about the Leo. Leo is one of the most magnanimous... If you look at a Leo in the jungle: the lion He doesn't catch his prey, it is the female. It's the lioness that brings the prey home, number one. He likes to bask in the sun and as you know Leos can sleep or lions can sleep for 16 hours in a day They love to be beautified. How do we relate that into human beings? Leos are great speakers, authors... You look at the king in "The King and I". He is a typical Leo. He is judge for the defense; he is there to help the people; he has strong shoulders and strong arms. That part is true, but also within the confines of Leo they can be not so straight in terms of the relationships... many other things are involved. Why? As you will see if you here my tape on Leo, on Av or Tu Be'Av which is the holiday in the middle, you will find many interesting things. We say that in Light there is always the polarity between darkness and Light, that they actually exist together. How do I prove that? How do I believe that? Av has within it the destruction of the first, the second Temple... the expulsion from Spain, the whole gamut of negative things that happened in this particular month. The first day of the month, Aaron, the high priest, dies, and many many things of negativity. What do we know? It is said that even on a day called 9th of Av the most negative day of the entire year that is the day that the Messiah is to be born. So what do we know? We know that the Creator is constantly showing to us cosmically and to some of us that can see it, He's showing it to us physically that within the depths of the deepest darkness the spread of Light exists and so, Av, being the father, the Sun if you go out into the sun you get great tone it is marvelous for you, for the body and vitamin D and everything else Too much sun, you wind up with cancer. So, what do we see with that? We see that even in this marvelous powerful moment called the month of Leo we also need to be really careful because Leo is ego, Leo is all those things. If you think of anything in this world that is magnanimous to be the speaker, to be the first to protect, the true leader is Leo that is why he is Av, that is why he is the father. By the way, the letter created it is the Tet it is interesting if you look at the Tet, it looks like a worm, but the Tet actually adds up to nine and number nine is the significance of the birth of the first days of Av, from the first of the month till the ninth day of the month. It´s sort of like it correlates to the 9 months of pregnancy, how the world forms itself. And so, I am hoping to all of us that this particular Av, it will put all ourselves into the place of negating, if we can, part of our expression of look at how great, how good we are, how kind we are and just be those things. We need to do for ourselves that the sun doesn't burn us that the sun nurtures us. The greatest nurturer in the entire universe is our sun in our universe we need to treat it with respect as we need to treat each and everyone of us that surrounds us in the same way and it is a difficult month! This month of Av will give you what you work for... and it won't be given as a gift. Pay attention, go slow allow yourself to think "Is it for me and my ego?" or "It's something that it is really good for the other people as well." If we answer yes to questions like that then we will have a very successful month that will allow us to be all that we can be within that month. And so, I wish for you and I a lot of success in finding a beautiful time to balance the energy and the spirit of going out there and overcoming the world to I am the world and I want to be a part of that! Chodesh Tov!

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