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Bernard teach: Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future - The End is Agreed upon by ALL 3?

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Desteni Presents: Energy and Illusion - Part 3 So, let's look at it again what is our problem? our problem is our perceptual ideas of the 'energy' that flows from, the friction that is existent, between ourselves - as separate personalities within that, we create an a, an idea of what Life is and we manage it through systems called: Laws and morality and beliefs within that we then create, a digital 'world' which is existent, in the mental while we disregard, what is real in the physical and we have thus no- value we give to the physical but yet we fear to lose our mental self That mentality has created the, world the way it is today That is our problem That is the point that must be 'stopped' not the physical, the physical reality is pretty cool Our mental reality is pretty fucked up Now imagine, as the consequential outflow of you when you die as a 'mental self' - is that you no longer exist from the physical reality's point of view, and you've "become" nothing more than 'a thought', the outflow of - what you have become and then you become a thought 'of a thought' and a thought of a thought of 'a thought' the average human being 'exist', as less than their own thoughts that's why their thoughts, have the power inside 'their self' - inside the minds to question them It's why if you have a conversation with yourself, in your mind where your thoughts, has the capacity to reduce you to a physical, experience of fear, or anxiety or feeling less than, then you are less than your thoughts Pretty, screwed up, delusional- existence, that is now placed within the fascinating context: that apparently you have 'choice' to be like this the choice to be like this is existent within your mental projection of yourself within which you have an 'holographic', experience of, super-hero for instance where you are, you are superman, within your own 'mental' projected self where you can do anything, because it does not impact the physical Common sense, is existent, within the physical that which is the- the commonly sensed, between all physical parts, to support itself Now imagine that our very nature in this world - the way nature operates is now a 'manifestation' of our digital self - our mental project projected self and you- we have lost 'contact completely', with the physical which is why, slowly but surely, most of the physical that was here, is busy dying is becoming 'extinct' Just as we are becoming extinct we are becoming extinct as a, a real-being and in that we've become only at the end - a thought, a projected digital self which 'has', no- existence in the reality, whatsoever and then we 'are screwed' I mean you can't trust "any of that" because, can you trust your mind? you can't trust "your mind" because your mind will form opinion and will be impacted by a, singular, energy source So you are two beings communicating: You are at high alert, the other one is at high alert you're throwing opinions at each other and out of that, try and form 'an alliance' or you create 'a war' - of mind and accordingly you will manifest 'your experience' and the being can say "one word", or move in one way, and you'll immediately go: Oh! what are they really saying? Are they 'mocking' me? Oh, they're trying to convince me here, I will not agree Multiple ways you're using your projections, but none of it is real because it's not real in the physical, it's not within the context of what's "Here", but what has happened is you're taking the physical energy and you've "transformed" it into a projection, of itself which is now a 'projected' energy, and you have 'become' this projected energy which is basically like, just, a reflection of light Not real it's not the light, it's a "reflection" of flow- of the light it's the "beam" that's out there it's not the "actual" light and you 'believe' that- that beam is 'you' and you're trying to get back to the actual light - which is impossible because it's streaming forth, you can't get back, you have to 'stop' and then you have to amalgamate with what is 'Here' to really, be able to, 'end' your illusion what is more fascinating is that, within the context of your 'self-creation' you have, 'de-valued' Life to such a degree, that have a look: you do not give a shit about anyone, in existence and what they're really experiencing, at the physical level That which is Real, which is the physical therefore by that 'very fact', you have given permission for your deletion for your non-existence, because You disregard, everything else as non-existing and in That Single Act! you have given permission for you - end which is accordingly - emerging now For discussion visit: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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