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Comprendre la voie du coeur

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Most people, and this is natural, have a rather skimpy heart. They have psychic overflows, that is : they overflow emotionally. For instance, instead of having compassion, they feel pity. Instead of having true love, their love is self-centered, which means it always is self-love, even when they love someone else. And this is natural, as long as theirs is a skimpy heart, because it goes with childish needs, with the needs of the child within. When you begin to really understand the way of the heart - and our path is the way of the heart -, you know that it is absolutely necessary to first understand what I said earlier : you have to understand the meaning of compassion and love. And once you have understood enough, once you have thought about it, you have somewhat understood yourself, others and the world, then, only your acts matter. The quality of your acts, which stems from thinking, and not from a skimpy or emotional heart ; which stems from greater intelligence and which allows for higher feelings to flow out, precisely. And actions : small and big, but you cannot overlook the small ones. You cannot disregard your relationship to whoever is next to you Religions talk of your "neighbor" : Your neighbor is the one closest to you, he is the one right next to you. That is who your "neighbor" really is : the one next to you, the one closest to you, the one there. If you misbehave with someone close, someone right next to you, your lunchmate, your fellow worker, your roommate or your son, or your daughter, or your father, or your mother at the time when they are by your side, right next to you, if you do not behave properly with them, ... or in our groups, you cannot progress. You are showing us that you have not made the right decision. If you speak ill of people, it is just the same : you have not made the right decisions and you cannot allow that space to grow inside nor the true heart, which is a limitless space, at some point. Before that, everything is limited, because it is skimpy and because it always benefits your ego in one way or another. But at one point, your ego watches and simply gets involved. And, ultimately, it is quite content to be involved in something greater than itself. That is what the Path really is. Because even your ego is capable of understanding very, very great things, and it is capable of loving them. This is the reason why we do not reject it : we have him take part in everything. Dervishes say that the way to real Love, or to the Spirit, or, for religious people, to God, goes through your love for the Master. As for the Master, he says : the real path goes through your love for all those around you, and therefore, through compassion for those who are smaller than you and who are suffering, and through respect and love for what is greater than you. But it means for everything around you ! And it goes through what I have just told you : accepting everything as it is, circumstances as they are, other people as they are. And then, you watch and see how that can be changed. But if you become negative, nothing more ca be done. Once you become negative, you must first and foremost, before acting, before speaking, you must first go and change that negative spot within. That is the real beginning of the Path. Self-observation leads to self-knowledge. But self-knowledge can only be gained by someone who not only has observed himself, but who has not displayed his negative emotions. Otherwise, one cannot know oneself. People often imagine that they can learn to know themselves and be as they are ; and even remain as they are. That in observing oneself, in watching, one learns to know... Not at all ! When you are observing, you remain confined between yourself and what you are observing. Nothing new can happen. Nothing great can reveal itself. Not displaying your negative emotions is also the necessary condition of self-knowledge, to which must be added a complete stop to internal considering. Inner rumination, along the same tracks, the old rusty tracks of your old ways of thinking, does not lead to self-knowledge. It always leads, and there is no exception to it, to losing track... You lose track when you are on those old tracks. You need to become lighter than that. And so : self-observing, not displaying your negative emotions, not inner-considering, not letting yourself daydream, which means mastering your thoughts somewhat, that leads to self-knowledge, and to self-liberation, of course. So, have a good day ! Seekers of the Truth Publishing All rights reserved.

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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Apr 3, 2012

Selim Aïssel 17 octobre 2011 - 7mn - 194

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