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02 ran

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I want to release a photo collection. Frankly speaking, Sasshi in swimsuit is not in demand. True. If I go nude, I am sure there will be people willing to buy it. It's a place where Aoki-san is sleeping. Entertainment editorial department. Hello! It's been a while. You wanted to talk about something? - "Sashihara's Rebellion" is... Her personal show? - Yes, her new show. Wow. The show has started and we are here today, because Sasshi wants a photo collection. I want "Koubunsha" to release it. He looks troubled. - "Koubunsha's" release. A photo collection? She wants to release a photo collection. By the way, will there be photos in swimsuits too? It's going to be like "Santa Fe". She is even prepared to go nude. Though I doubt there is a demand for it. In a bikini from shells. Who wore it? Takeda Kumiko-san. And in seaweed too of course. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. But you've already released one, right? - Photo book. Right. It was very good. Really? Thank you very much. It's really hard to overcome that success. - Photo collection? Look, his eyes are cold. - No, no... As expected, his eyes don't laugh. Photo collection? It's a lot of pressure. What it's going to be like? [What kind of photo collection?] - Something along the lines of "Hello! Project". Like "Hello! Project"? Yeah. - With jumping on the beach? Something like that. - A classic idol photo collection. Classic? Back to the previous talk... - Frankly speaking, Sasshi isn't that pretty. Not at all! And she doesn't... - ...have boobs. Well, yeah... But we've published photo collections of all General Election winners. - Eh? Of Acchan and Oshima-san. - And Sashihara! Right. - Please release it. A complete set. - Is that so? Yeah! Let's complete the set! That's a lot of pressure. So you've released photo collections of all winners? Aoki-san, before that... I wanted to ask - when Sasshi became 1st, was "Koubunsha" planning to release her photo collection? Nope. - I wonder why? I am not sure myself. Well, you've already released one... And her becoming 1st raised the hurdle. - For example budget... They chickened out. What about budget? [What about budget?] For example she may request to shoot in Europe, in Paris, but, frankly speaking, photo collection budget isn't that big. There is no budget for photo collections? Not as big as TV's. - Where was Yuko-chan's collection shot? In Los Angeles. Because AKB was already going to Los Angeles, we took this opportunity. Ah, I see, to reduce travel expanses? AKB payed for Yuko's one-way ticked and "Koubunsha" payed for her return. - I see... Split expanses. What's the approximate budget of this Oshima Yuko's Los Angeles collection? The usual budget for a photo collection is $30 000. But for overseas shootings it of course increases. So when a company makes an offer, it increases to $40 000, but in the end... I even payed for myself then. Only I. And I was living in a hotel in the same room with a gay cameraman assistant. - Funny and sad. Because it reduces expanses. What was Milky's budget? Milky's was about the same. There is no way Yuko-chan's and Milky's budget was the same! Don't lie! Ah, right! What was it? Pretending he forgot. Right, we also released a DVD for her. He said it! "Koubunsha" usually releases DVDs. We've started to release DVDs after we released a DVD for Maeda Acchan. "King Records" was selling Acchan's DVD and since it sold so well, we received a certificate of gratitude from them. Is that so? Since Acchan was such star, I was preoccupied to prevent accidents like mosquito bites. There was lots of them, because it was on an island. So to prevent that, I went to a shooting location 20 min before everyone else and sprayed out anti-mosquito repellent, that I brought lots from Japan. - Aoki-san? Yes. But at one place I was spraying repellent, but nobody came, so I started wondering why. So I called manager Nakajima, but he said, that they are shooting at a different place. Ah, that's terrible! What a waste of repellent! I sprayed repellent all that time. - So you do this assistant work? Of course. So the pride of Acchan's photo collection is that she wasn't bit by mosquitoes even once in 4 days. - Acchan? Acchan. Akimoto-san won't get angry even if mosquitoes will bite me. He won't get angry, even if I was bitten, that's for sure. If Sasshi is to be bitten, that photo of a bite will become a specialty of a photo collection. True. So the profit is higher, if there is DVD? If there is DVD the budget also increases. That's why we managed to go overseas. Because of combined budget of photo collection and DVD? Right. In AKB's case it is also very hard to schedule. - I see. It was hard. - Sasshi, I got an impression, that he's making excuses. About schedules, etc... - Scary. He's trying to run away. It's a sign of rejection. For example, if you'll say you want to shoot in Spain or Italy... I won't! I want to shoot in Oita. - In Oita? Yes. I am fine with it. - I won't say about Europe. So no Europe? - How about Hawaii? Hawaii? Well, Okinawa would be nice... - Okinawa? Okinawa should be OK, right? - Isn't Okinawa on the contrary expensive? Okinawa?.. Wherever is fine with me, seriously. I am willing to shoot even in "Ohta Pro" office. I am fine with anything, so just release it. Please. Roger. Did you hear that? - He said "roger". No, it's just my favorite word. So he indeed said it! Ah, thank you very much! He agreed. Let's watch it one more time! I am fine with anything, so just release it. Please. Roger. Roger. Roger. - He said it! He agreed! I heard "roger". So you just needed to ask. OK, we'll start preparations. - I need to make calculations later. There we go again... Please tell us what calculations you'll make. Because this show is about, how I survive in the bog of show business. I want to know this stuff. I need to make sure it'll sell, so it won't spoil your image, since you're 1st now. - If it won't sell, i'll become a laughingstock. It's a minus. I see. - Who'll laugh at you? My colleagues magazine editors, "Shuueisha"'s Kondo... (some publisher) They will surely giggle, when we meet. They both have nasty characters. Ah, Kondo-kun is OK. They'll tease you? They have a stance of selling 100 000 copies. But I'd like to release photo books of all AKB girls, even if I steadily sell only 10 000 copies. That's lovely. Interesting. I don't need money. It's not about money, but rather sustaining Sasshi's reputation. But if we're in the red, company won't approve this plan. - So let's ask "Koubunsha" then?.. Please help us. - Sasshi, do you agree on Okinawa? Yes. I love Japan. Okinawa then? Photographing is in Okinawa. Let's make it pleasing to everybody. Photographer must be famous. [Photographer] Do you know how much (famous photographer) gets for 1 photo? A lot. $1000 for 1 photo. $1000 for 1 photo. - 1 photo? So $5000 for 5 photos. How many pages are there in collection? In collection?.. Well, if it's a whole collection, then it's about 10% off. Otherwise, the budget will get bigger and bigger. How I envy (famous photographer)... We won't get such budget. Who do you think is good? I think someone, who already photographed you and who you get along with. Someone whose photos you like would be the best. I've decided! I choose photographer who is "in" right now. He took a really good care of me and he is "in" now. - Do you know Kuwajima-san? No. He photographed me a lot and he is pretty famous right now. He is. Let's shoot a "Private Life". Do you know, that he is the one who shot "Private Life" photo collection. Adachi Yumi's. Photographer Kuwajima Tomoki. Took a really good care of Sashihara before. Shoots a lot of photo collections including AKB48. He's "Private Life" PB is "in" right now. So it's time to find out, what will be our budget for this photo collection. [How much they'll give?] Photograph gets an advance payment and a royalty. He gets royalty if Sasshi's collection will sell good. His fee in advance is $3000 and royalty is 1-2%. - So his fee is a part of budget, right? Of course. And there is also a royalty, unknown in the beginning. If collection won't sell then "sorry, pal, no royalty". Sorry, pal... So what will be the overall budget, if I decide to release a photo collection? Overall?.. If we add DVD... - Usually $30-40k for photo collection + $20k for DVD. Am I the only one who is amazed by these numbers? - You also have to buy clothes... I don't really get this money talk. Me neither. - But you film dramas. I have no idea about money. - Is that so? Yes. - What are you doing then? - I'm the most stupid director in the world. - There is also fees of other people. Whose? Stylist, makeup artist and the rest, who'll come. And of course clothes. Clothes usually cost around $3000. Sasshi said she doesn't need clothes this time. You can turn that excess to royalty. How much does it cost to make a photo collection of gravure idol? Around $30 000. But it's different with AKB. Because they sell at least 50 000 copies. - Will Sasshi sell 50 000 copies? I think she will. I think I won't... Won't? Well, photo book is regarded as book, because it has text. Not entirely though. But photo collections are sold in their own corner. Photo books sell better, because they lie in book department. But photo collections lie in photo collection corner, which is visited only by those, who wants to buy a collection. - Ah, I see... So if I won't sell at least 15 000 copies like with photo book, Sasshi will blame me and this will brake my heart. I won't blame you. - If we sell 50 000 copies, we'll recover budget? Of course, if 50 000 copies will be sold... - We'll be able to cover expanses and photographer... Will get his royalty. 50 000 copies... How much should we pay Kuwajima-san from budget? Let's write it down, because it can't be leaked. It must be bleeped out by all means. [Communicating in writing] If 50 000 copies are sold, how much royalty he'll get? Royalty and overall, how much we must pay him. Very straightforward... It can be seen! Aoki-san, your confidential correspondence is too lax! - It's not confidential like that. Oops, it's a script. Geez, there is too much, that shouldn't be seen! This time it's a script... Confidential correspondence is so lax. - Frankly speaking, usually for Kuwajima-san's class... Is this for real?! No wonder (X) have fallen in love with him, when she heard it. - So this plus royalty... If it sells like previous photo book, then royalty... 50k is our goal. Keeping in mind this goal... - Look at his money calculation speed! He sure is fast! He's definitely not simpleton, if he's so good at calculating money. If it sells this much, Kuwajima-san will probably be happy. I'll take this paper with me. I'll present it to him. This is royalty. But if it sells only 20 000 copies... - He'll be sad. That's sad. - What if it was ordinary gravure? In that case... Because of that, in advance "I'd pay this much to you, OK?". - Ah, it's higher if in advance? Yes. - So called "Pay in advance". - I see, the fee without royalty? So DVD sales don't matter? DVD isn't photographer's business. "Koubunsha" don't deal with DVDs, so "Koubunsha" don't got so much money. - Who sells DVDs then? Record companies deal with DVDs... Frankly speaking, the percentage of (company A) is high, so... Please share more details. - We get it. Who, Aoki-san? Well, it's used to cover AKB royalty and production expanses, but even if the percentage of (company B) is lower, it advertises better. Ah, I am puzzled now, don't know what to do! - I am puzzled. I'll leave it to you, because I have no idea. It's only natural. - Aoki-san is amazing! So you'll decide what company to choose? Of course, after discussing with office. - Aoki-san is a real professional. Yeah, very cool. I though he's just an old man, knowledgeable about AKB. I've told you that I saw through his black eyes from the very beginning! Black eyes?.. This means that they shine? Awesome! Please tear out this sheet of paper. - I hope Kuwajima-san will accept this fee. Me too. By the way, are you in business? I mean, in what class you'll fly - business or economy? I? I always fly in economy class. Don't worry about it. Don't worry, I always fly in economy class. That's a huge difference. Is that so? Business class is expensive. It sure is. - If Kuwajima-san will request business class... Right! We need to ask that! - Write that down! We'll ask that. Maybe Fukuda-san will request business... He'll fly in economy, no worries. Business is fine, if he'll pay for it himself... - Himself? It's OK to pay from own pocket. We're all fine with economy class here, please don't worry. That's a whole different story, I am relieved. Looks like the economy tickets have sealed the final deal. Economy class is OK. I am an economic idol. [The end of negotiations] - The fans should be happy... Yes, that's the top priority! Right, a photo collection, that will make fans and Sasshi happy. So it won't be embarrassing. Please make fans happy. Roger. - Can you promote it? Of course I'll write a lot about it in blog and Google+. Please do. - You did it, Sasshi. You only had to ask. Ikebukuro is worth a visit. - Yeah, there's no harm in asking. Lucky. - Thanks a lot. Roger. We've progressed quite a bit in a day. What will we do if Kuwajima-san won't agree? I'll photograph myself. It can't be helped. - So should I photograph? Please do, if he'll reject. [On the way to the meeting with photograph Kuwajima] We've been trying to call Kuwajima-san... And we got through! Since his home is nearby, we're going to meet in a cafe near his place. Hm, where was he living? - So we're heading that way. Thank you! I am glad. I got so tired after a whole day of money and face-to-face talking. I've never done things like that before. But the most severe money talk is still ahead. I don't want to! I know nothing about money. The hardest part lies ahead. We'll have to recruit the staff and negotiate their fees. Ugh, so tough... It once again crossed my mind - a photo collection is made by effort of various people and I am really thankful for that. And it costs around $50-60 thousands! That's quite a lot of money. So I wonder if all photo collections I've seen so far cost this much... - Incredible, right? That never crossed my mind. When such amount of money is at stake, it's not as simple as "I want one. - There you go" anymore. The money is scary... Everything in this world is moved by money. Everyone in this car is here because they get payed, right? - Though they don't get that much. Is that so? Yeah, this show is pretty cheap. Is that so? Then I am relieved. That's good. But it seems like we'll seal the deal. - Yes, it's great, that Aoki-san was so nice. He was very cooperative. - He wasn't your hater. That's a relief. - He wasn't your fan though. I'm just not his type. I am glad he is neutral to me. It's better than to be hated. But it is often said, that it's better to be loved or hated, than being ordinary. But I changed my mind, neutral is the best. - You've changed your mind? Being neutral is the best. Wow, you've reached the enlightenment. I think being loved by anyone can be bothersome too. Neutral is the best. [Now to the battle!] Looks like Kuwajima-san is waiting us here. How does he look like? He has bleached hair, with black roots. He's here. Hello! Good evening. Good evening. It's been awhile. - Sorry for calling you out here. No worries. - I am Fukuda. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. So what did you want to ask? - It's about that photo collection of yours. What? - A famous now "Private Life". Ah, that one... I was wondering if it's OK to mention it. - It might be edited out, if I'd mention it. She told me about your situation just now. - What's going on now? Are you dating? Who knows?.. I'll leave it to your imagination. He's the person, who made that famous photo collection. - Shouldn't we give him a mic? Right! I don't have a mic. - Should we order something? Yes, you are right.

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02 ran

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