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Mold Design Video

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Here is the final mold design that will be made in this video. We will begin by creating the dust pan. In order to show the steps, all the steps will be suppressed. To suppress the steps; grab the bottom line on the design tree. This line should turn blue and a hand will appear. Once the blue line appears and the hand shows. Grab the line and drag it just after the first action. Here a rectangular sketch is made. To make this sketch click on the sketch tab and draw a rectangle. This rectangle is drawn on the Top Plane. I will now open the Extruded Boss Feature. The Extruded Boss feature can be found in the Features tab. The extruded depth that is chosen is 0.02 m and the type of extrusion is blind extrusion. A yellow preview will show the feature you are creating. Once you have set all your parameters click on the green check mark. This confirms your feature and allows SolidWorks to create your piece. The next feature that is used is the Extruded Cut Feature. This Feature is also found in the features tab. This feature is the opposite of the Extruded Boss Feature. The Extruded Boss Feature adds material. The Extruded Cut Feature removes material. Here we are starting to make our triangular shape of the dust pan. To make this shape a sketch is created on the Front plane of this piece. The sketch is made by selecting the line sketch tool. Now we will open the Extrude Cut Feature. The direction that is chosen is the Through All direction. This direction will remove all the material in its path. Because of this there is n reason to specify depth in this step. The selected contours section is where the sketch you've drawn is selected. This can be chosen by expanding the drawing tree. The next step is another Extruded Cut In this step a sketch of a box was created first. Using the rectangle option in the sketch tab. The sketch of the rectangle is highlighted in blue. Now we will open the Extrude Cut feature. Here certain parameters are indicated. The direction is chosen: Offset from surface. The surface plane is chosen:Face 1. The final parameter is the depth: 0.005 m . The preview is displayed in yellow. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. The next step is a Boss Extrude. This will create the floor of the dust pan. Once again a sketch is made using the tools in the sketch tab. Open the Boss Extrude Feature . Here we chose our parameters. The direction is blind, and the depth is 0.001 m. The preview is shown in yellow. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. Now we will make the handle of the Dust Pan. To make this handle we will need to use the Boss Extrude Feature. Begin by making a rectangle on the back surface of the Dust Pan. Now we'll open the Boss Extrude Feature. The direction is blind and the depth is 0.004 m. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. Our final step to creating this Dust Pan is to remove some excess material. To remove this excess material a Extruded Cut will be used. A sketch is drawn on the back face of the Dust Pan. Using the sketch tab options. Open the Extruded Cut Feature. The direction is set to blind and the depth is set to 0.04 m. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. The next three (3) steps will use SolidWorks build in Mold Design Features. The first feature used is called Parting Line. The Parting line is highlighted in blue. The parting line is the seam that will be left once the cast manufacturing is complete. Lets open the Parting Line Feature. To create a Parting Line select a plane. In this case we choose the Top Plane. Select 1 degree. The colors have different meanings. As long as the green color is in the same location as your Parting Line there is nothing else to worry about. Check the Use for Core/Cavity Split box. The Parting Lines box shows all the edges that are chosen to make the parting line. These edges are shown in purple. Check to make sure a green message has been displayed. This green message means that you have chosen all the correct parameters to make this feature work. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. The next step is to create a Parting Surface. Open the Parting Surface Feature. The Mold Parameters that are chosen are: Perpendicular to Pull. The Parting Line created before is selected. The degree is set to 0, the depth is 0.0015 m, select the minimum radius smoothing option, check the knit all surface option, and check the show preview option. The show preview option displays in yellow. The Parting Line can be chosen from the design tree. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. The final step is to make the Tooling split. Begin by creating a sketch of a rectangle using the rectangle tool from the sketch tab. Open the Tooling split feature. Set the first block size: 0.039 m and the second block size: 0.01 m. The core surface is the first option that is selected. The parting line is chosen in this section- this is the same parting line created earlier. The cavity is selected next, select the parting line again. Next select the parting surface that was created earlier. Now click the green check to confirm your selections. Here is the completed SolidWorks model.

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