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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 16:30:00-16:59:59

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Hello, we are ready to go. Um, um, okay. I told him to do that. Ah, yes. He wanted us to tell him when we are leaving, and he will tell the guard. I called him. Hey, pay attention to the command. Turn left. Bag in your right hand. Everything is as usual, according to the rule. Look right. Look ahead. Turn right. Pick up your bag. Walk together. It's so hot. Are you okay? But I can't help it. - Aren't you going there? - No, look at me. Are you taking it down? Oh, I will do it. I can't do it. I have to do another one. It’s so hot. Chinese pancakes. Ah, it’s so hot. I took a book. What? I told you, they didn't tell us which train we will take when we come back. Ah, it’s so hot. Wipe the sweat. You can take the box. Look at what I brought. - Give me your cup. I'm going to get some water. - I will go get some myself later. I took an umbrella, didn't end up using it. Maybe you will use it when you come back. Do you still have tea? Do you want to drink tea? I will make some for you. - Just give me some of yours. - Sure. Wait a minute. Not hungry today. A lot of Chinese pancakes is given. What this person wrote looks pretty good. Who wrote it? Jinhezai. What does he mean by Journey to the West? Where did he go? No, it’s still that one. But he interprets these characters from his perspective. I have read his Wu Kong (a novel). And I just saw this. Quite interesting. Tomorrow, if you want to read it I will give it to you tomorrow morning. Until noon tomorrow. If you want to read it, I will leave it outside. Otherwise, I will put it inside. You read it first. Why is it so hot as if the air conditioner is not working? It's so hot. Why the book you borrowed is so new. It has many new books. Hey, where is the library you are talking about? - Under the bridge? - Yeah, it's there. - Still the old place? - It's still there. - You go so far away? - Yeah. By bus No. 6? I usually send my kid to school in the morning, to that bus station. Then I walked to the library. I think it's very far away. - Is it that direction? Near the bridge? - Yeah. - You have to walk quite far. - I have to walk some distance. Yesterday, I took a train to Yangling and made a phone call. She said, "Your daughter misses you, when are you coming back?" Has your mother been helping you with your daughter? He has been busy recently. They have always been at home. My husband. Still eating? You will be fine after eating. Sleep after you finish eating. Okay. Let's sleep after we finish eating. - Did you put the tea in? - I did. I can't see any color. I did, I did, I put a few in. The color of this tea may not be as deep. It's nothing, you take some. You eat this Chinese pancake. Let's split the bun in half and eat it first. I don't want to eat it. Eat it, please. No, the pancake can be eaten later but not the bun. - Wow, your bun is so big. - My mother-in-law made it. Usually the buns are so small, I don’t know why they are so big this time. I took it from the refrigerator. It's okay. Let me do this first. Thank you. There is meat. There is bamboo shoots and meat. It's okay. There is a bit of bitter gourd, eat please. Let's move this aside. Don't make it dirty. I was thinking that... I should steam some rice and make "tomatoes and scrambled eggs" in the morning, and bring them. But later I thought that today is too hot and it will turn sour. His family wanted me to bring rice, I didn't want to bring it. I think this is quite delicious. I do not like steamed things. This bitter gourd is a bit too soft. Usually I add some pepper, but I didn't add any today. Add some pepper and cook. Eat some Chinese pancakes too. The buns have turned bitter at noon. - How are these Chinese pancakes? - We will have noodles for lunch. Are these pancakes good? Yes. Very good. Try half of this pancake later. This one is sweet. When he was in Liangyun Town, It is called Flowering Pancake there. Do you know? Why is it sweet? Something inside? Try this bun with bitter gourd. I think bitter gourd is less bitter after you set it aside for a while. It is particularly bitter after just being cooked. Bitter gourd tastes the best when cooked with hot pepper in slice. And cooked with this. Not bitter. They rinsed the bitter gourd with salt water. It is so soft today, because it is rinsed by hot water. It is overcooked. Rinsed a little bit. That’s why it is not too bitter. Now bitter gourds have a lot of sugar, they no longer need to be rinsed with salt water, right? I don’t know. Anyway, his family likes to rinse bitter gourds with salt water. My dad cooks bitter gourds directly. - So the cameraman will also talk to you? - Yeah. A little bit. Not much. And tofu? What is this? That one. It is twice-fried meat. Sometimes his family cook two types of twice-fried meat. One is cooked with garlic or something spicy. The other one is cooked with tofu. Fry the tofu, Then the twice-cooked meat is particularly delicious. Its surface is caramelized. It is a little bit burnt. The twice-cooked meat also tastes dry and very delicious. I drank a large bowl of white gourd soup. I think the gourd soup his family made is very delicious. What is in the soup? Green beans. And some... ... meat. Yeah... The meat is first cut into slices. No, into pieces. Then boil it in the water. Put some hot pepper and some ginger. When the soup turns white, the flavor of meat is in the soup. Then they put white gourd in. Add green beans early. I like that a lot. Sometimes with green beans, sometimes with red beans. Red beans are with pork. And with bamboo shoots. Do you know that Sichuanese cuisine has that kind of bamboo shoots? Have you ever had that kind of bamboo shoots? Yeah, I know. That kind. Almost done. Jiangsu and Zhejiang also have that kind of bamboo shoots. I didn't find that kind of bamboo shoots when I went to Walmart the other day. That bamboo shoot is delicious. The key is that the cook knows how to prepare it. Some people don't know how to prepare it. The bamboo shoots his sister-in-law brought him, he didn't know how to prepare them. [Whispering] - They also film in Spanish? - Yeah. Try this, this is super delicious. He said that this is super delicious. - When I look at him eating... - Just a little bit. - So many shapes, isn't it weird? - Give me a quarter. Got it, here you go. Such a large piece? Eat it, eat it, eat it. This is too big. Not really, eat it. You should try, this is really tasty. Can I ask if they want some? Sure. Hey, do you guys want to try this bun? It's really delicious. - Try some. - Do you want some? Give him a little bit more to try, half? Here you go, it’s delicious. Thank you. Do you want some? - Ah, do you want some? - Very sweet. Sweet? Yeah, want some? Is it? Yeah, try some. Is it okay? Steamed, I made it, hand-made. I didn't buy it. I made it at home using flour and steamed it. You made it? Not me. My mother. It is sweet even without sugar, right? I didn't ask. Still want some more? He is very dedicated.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan and her colleagues on the K165 train line are called to attention by their work unit leader. They walk together in two lines from their office at Baoji train station to the platform. The team boards train 2670 from Baoji to Xi'an. Once settled on the train, Ruixian Fan eats some homemade steamed buns and rice noodles.

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